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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:42:00

MIZUTA Seisakusho, Inc.

General assembly manufacturer specializing in commission-based design and production

Our core businesses range from manufacturing parts including plastic injection molding parts, printed circuit boards (PCBs), and terminal blocks to commission-based design and production of assembled articles. Based on the core businesses, we, a "general assembly manufacturer," comprehensively meet the needs of clients under our small-sized environmental management system (EMS). Furthermore, for the purpose of industrial production of carbon fiber composite materials which have been receiving attention in recent years, we are actively developing manufacturing technology and applications of the composite materials.

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Introduction of our businesses
Plastic injection molding parts
We produce high-quality products by utilizing 3D design, flow analysis, the induction heating (IH) method, heat/cool molding technology, etc. Also, we are able to perform small-lot production and high-mix low-volume production. We mainly produce and ship parts used in various fields of the society. Some examples of the parts are structural parts of programmable logic controllers (PLC), etc. that are used for energy saving or monitoring devices in factories as well as buildings and for production lines for manufacturing products for clients. Another familiar example is parts of on-board ETC equipment.    
Customized terminal block
Normally, plastic injection molding parts and PCBs are assembled to produce one unit. However, the keywords of future manufacturing are "unification," "hybrids," "modularization," and so on. An important factor in terms of costs and functions is hybrid functionality without assembly. We utilize molding technology (insert molding, etc.), which is a combination of metal parts and injection molding, for producing terminal blocks and other products. With this molding technology, we have developed hybrid electronics and electronics components.
Utilizing rich experience, we make proposals ranging from circuit design to quality control which meet your requirements. Using the PCB manufacturing technology, we have cultivated so far as the core, we promote the development of manufacturing technology for pursuing new added values. In particular, we believe that "printed electronics technology" which has recently been receiving attention has a high affinity for plastic injection molding parts and composite products that we deal in. Accordingly, we are actively studying new materials and considering their production methods. 
Unit production and product assembly
As a general assembly manufacturer, we bring together various technologies that we possess and perform processes ranging from design and development to production in an integrated fashion. We not only deliver plastic injection molding parts and PCBs, but also combine various parts to produce finished products required by clients. For the latter purpose, we fully utilize manufacturing networks with partner companies and possess technologies as well as management systems that allow parts to be installed on PCBs or products to be assembled for clients’ immediate use. 
Design and development support
Since our foundation, we have had groups of structural design and electrical design. Using their own knowledge and experience, our staff fully utilizes tools and techniques such as 3D-CAD, circuit design, and plastic flow analysis to support the realization of ideas. Furthermore, we were among the first to introduce a 3D printer to arrange a system for swiftly realizing ideas of clients. 
Composite products
We develop original products made of GFRP, CFRP, or CFRTP and composite products for which electronics technology is used. Of the technologies that we possess, we combine process technologies that have been cultivated through thermoset plastic forming process technology and PCB manufacturing to develop CFRP/glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) products. Furthermore, we are actively developing technology for manufacturing carbon fiber reinforced thermo plastics (CFRTP) by utilizing the latest induction heating (IH) mold heating/cooling technology. Also, we are actively developing new composite parts/products by utilizing our electrical knowledge and perspectives.

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