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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:18

Kimura Kinzoku Kogyo Co.,Ltd.

We are a company located in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture. We produce and sell titanium eyeglasses components as well as accessories.

We process titanium and produce titanium accessories, metal material separators, and eyeglasses components. By applying the titanium processing technology nurtured through many years of production, we produce and sell titanium accessories. By refining 3D data modeling technology, we develop more expressive accessories.

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Features, efforts, and processing technology of our shop
We are good at creating heavy shade and carving (cutting) derived from deep engraving.   
We are good at engraving characters and illustrations on planes or curved surfaces. The shade created by cutting with finely edged tools will surely increase the level of satisfaction of possessing the accessories. We are able to freely create curves by cutting. We are able to more carefully respond to clients' requests.
We skillfully and clearly engrave characters that will not be blurred by scratches. Even when the characters are small, they are readable. 
The character or design edges will not be blurred. Sharp and beautiful marks created by finely edged tools the minimum diameter of which is φ0.2 mm. Traditional production processes that do not enable mass-production. All of these are dedicated to the "satisfaction" of customers. 
The material processed by us is pure titanium procured from a reliable manufacturer.
The material processed by us is pure titanium procured from a reliable manufacturer. The metal material separators/metal testers developed by us allow for the separation, sorting, and confirmation of pure titanium and titanium alloys that can hardly be separated and sorted.

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