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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:39

Earth System Co., Ltd.

The Earth System that aims to be sophisticated yet simple

Our company’s cloud services can offer quick, flexible, and low-cost support as we perform all system design, development, and operational support in-house.  We have produced systems for a wide range of industries from various types of manufactures to the medical sector.

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Sales Pitch

Eliminate waste and provide optimal functions to customers
Cloud service
E-saas is the most suitable cloud service for SMEs

Cloud migration of your operation will change the office and operation.
No dedicated servers or system administrators are required.
The system can be easily accessed while you are on the go.
Information can be shared with other offices without using a dedicated line.
Software updates are automatically performed.
Furthermore, data backup is automatically performed.

E-saas is simply designed. Therefore, it is easy to use.

The concept of E-saas is simple. 
The menu and screen structure can be easily used by anyone.
No matter how good a system is, complexity is what I hate
I prefer simple things for everyday use.
e-SaaS for Biz
Smooth business
Visible stock
Dependable support

Connecting to E-saas through the internet allows immediate sales, purchasing, and inventory management to be performed using a PC or tablet terminal.
You do not need any dedicated software or server in the company.
If you put your work in the cloud, your office will be smart and you will be able to work smoothly with other offices.
e-SaaS for Office
The first step towards putting your business in the cloud

“E-saas for Office” is a simple and easy solution for attendance and schedule management.

Client contact and schedule management that was previously done using a whiteboard
Timekeeping and attendance management that was previously done with paper time cards
Daily and monthly employee reporting for attendance management
Let’s start managing all of these things in the cloud with E-saas.

E-saas for Office is simpler and easier to use than groupware because it has fewer functions.

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