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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:40

Under Technology

Aiming to bring innovation to lighting through unique LED-dimming technology.

We use patented techniques (Diffusion Controlled Modulation) to manufacture LED lighting equipment.  We sell “ECLAT” for use in constant voltage drivers for monochromatic LEDs. We also sell a full-color LED “Aurore.” Both solutions have received highly positive reviews.

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Technology of Under Technology
Magical effect using DCM
DCM = Diffusion Controlled Modulation

Realizing better performance than PWM control, even with general monochromatic dimming
  1) The luminance curve can be set freely, improving the linearity of low luminance without increasing the total number of bits.
  2) The flicker countermeasure eliminated noise during video recording without increasing the frequency.
Real-time control of full-color light control with intuitive hue and saturation

Cleaner and more precise emission of intermediate colors compared with PWM dimming
Flicker-free constant voltage LED driver

[Product advantages]
The brightness gradation at low brightness has been increased, and flicker-free measures have been applied. It is used in many stores owing to its good dimming performance.

By changing from PWM dimming to DCM dimming using a new patented technology, a high-performance brightness curve has been realized.
Our RGB dimming technology “Aurore” can create beautiful gradations real-time by the volume of hue, brightness, and saturation. It is also possible to use a computer to make fine adjustments and record patterns in “Aurore”, which makes it ideal for use in stores and at events.

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