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Latest update: 14/02/2020 10:24:08

SKnet corporation

SKnet for signage, small LCD TV/monitor, and PC peripherals

Our company is mostly known for video capture related products. Our "MonsterTV" series,  a tuner board for analog/digital terrestrial broadcasting, has a high profile among users who build their own PCs. Our video capture product lineup under the name of the "MonsterX" series is very famous in Akihabara.

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Sales Pitch

About our business, products, and technologies
Business description and characteristics
Our company develops, manufactures, and sells PC peripherals and video-related products while expanding into the life-related beauty, hygiene, and health markets as a new business. We have sold self-developed TV tuners for PCs. That self-development capability allows us to sometimes release “world-first products,” as shown in the case of our MonsterTV P2H, MonsterTV Pocket, MonsterTV HDU, and other models. By utilizing our technology developed in-house, the scope of our business has expanded into many fields, beyond PC peripherals, to include compact TVs, radio that you can listen to from the TV, and digital signage products.
Product/technology outline
Besides, using a photocatalyst, we have newly developed PROPRE, a sterilization deodorant that is kind to both babies and pets. Conventional photocatalysts were not effective in dark rooms. This product works well under LEDs and fluorescent lamps and can be used in various places such as restaurants, pet shops, and supermarkets.
About business matching
Our company is a developer, manufacturer, and distributor of computer peripherals and video-related products. Based on the concept of "product development full of original creativity and originality," our company has worked hard on the research and development of many computer-related products, and sometimes released "World First" products such as MonsterTV P2H, MonsterTV Pocket, and MonsterTV HDU. We have R & D teams in Japan and Taiwan to maintain a highly competitive production system that emphasizes high added value and speed as keywords. Also, by using our video technologies cultivated in the PC peripherals, as well as the ability to respond to the market needs, we are expanding into the digital consumer electronics market, which will continue to grow in the future.

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