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We are a developer and manufacturer of equipment that uses lasers as heat sources. We produce easy-to-use laser equipment by focusing on the specifications that our customers provide and changing the specifications such as laser wavelength, pulse width, simple functions, and head size.

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QCW fiber laser welding machine
Maximum output = 10 times the average CW output
Power conversion efficiency that exceeds 30%
Single or multimode oscillation
Internal pulse generator/pulse shaping    
Outstanding pulse output/energy stability
Galvano scanner specifications and short-time multi-point welding 
Applications: drilling, cutting, seam welding, spot welding, and fine welding
YAG & DDL laser hybrid welder
This is a laser-welding device for metal foils that can suppress the generation of putters and blow holes.
The metal surface is heated to evaporate low-melting-point materials before joining with a YAG laser.
Fiber laser marker
Fiber output gives excellent beam quality.
Fiber has excellent cooling efficiency due to its thinness and large surface area.
Easy maintenance and excellent long-term stability.
Cost reduction and recycling effect can be expected without using ink.
Metal engraving, high-contrast plastic marking, and annealing-type metal marking.
 These techniques are applied in fields such as electronic equipment manufacture and related electrical industries, tool manufacturing, medical technology, and the automotive industry.
CO2 laser device
High beam quality (M2 = 1.1) and stability, metal tube oscillation structure, and permanently usable.
Wavelengths: 10.6 μm and 9.3 μm
Applicable materials: glass, resin, printed circuit boards, leather products, and wood.
Low running costs.
Compatible with DFX and GBR data. QR code: Data Matrix Code 39 and others.
Possible to specify the mounting hole position and add functions.
Semiconductor laser device
This is a small-sized oscillator with high oscillation efficiency (oscillation efficiency of 50% or more) that is easy-to-use.
Easy to install in automated equipment.
Suitable for micromachining welding (metal and resin).
By changing the spot diameter (0.2 mm–1 mm) at the processing point, the device can be used in a wide range of welding applications.
Ultraviolet (UV) laser system
This is because photons in the ultraviolet wavelength range carry a large amount of energy. By irradiating organic substances with UV light, molecular bonds can be directly dissociated. 
Photolytic processing has little thermal effect on electronic parts and organic materials, which makes it possible to process materials that were previously difficult to process.

Application area
Used around the world in production fields such as electronics, semiconductors, medical supplies, and biotechnology.
Sapphire substrate scribing for use in LEDs, fine hole drilling on PCB, liquid crystal repair, Stereolithography, ITO film peeling for FPD,
 glass panel marking and cutting for FPD, processing on ceramic substrate, and rust-proof marking for medical equipment
 are all areas in which this product is used. 
Rust removal laser device
Ideal for removing rust, metal surface oxide film, and coating.
Short pulse shock waves are used for removal.
No damage to the base material owing to the contactless cleaning.
Little heat effect on the surroundings.
Compact and lightweight, easy to work with for long periods, and easy to move.
The system is stable and has a long service life.
Features include contactless processing, no loss, no damage, and no contamination.
Green laser processing system
Dicing/drilling/wafer marking in semiconductor micromachining.
It is used for rust-proof printing of home electric appliances, pharmaceuticals and aviation-related parts, removal of metal or non-metal plating, and scribing of various materials.
Used for blind groove processing and ultrathin metal foil microhole processing.
Scribing and cutting are possible in PV manufacturing.
Medical semiconductor laser device
LD wavelength: 405-9XX nm
Output:2 mW–10 W
A diode laser with high efficiency, high stability and excellent beam quality is provided.

We offer a wide range of products for use in applications that range from spectroscopic analytical research to manufacturing fields and high-performance medical-grade lasers that can be used in biophotodynamic therapy.
The basics of laser treatment involve efficiently irradiating the area to be treated with laser light to instantly carbonize or vaporize unnecessary tissue and remove it.
Dental diagnosis and treatment lasers: 808nm series (2.5 W, 4 W, and 7 W) and 980 nm series (4 W, 10 W, and 12 W).
Lasers for lipolysis and varicose vein treatment: 980–15 W or 30 W, 1064–10 W.
Anti-inflammatory lasers: 635 nm–400 mW, 800 mW, 1 W, and 3.5 W. Etc.

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