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Latest update: 30/05/2017 18:07:13

Saito Nouki Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

We apply the technology developed in the field of agricultural machines to other industrial fields.

Our operations are composed of two mainstays: one is development, design, manufacture, and sales of agricultural machinery, and the other is precision sheet metal using laser machining. In the field of agricultural machinery, we provide combine harvesters to harvest soybeans, wheat and buckwheat as well as carrot harvesters. One of our unique products, a compact self-propelled lawn mower, attracts a lot of attention from other fields. We also conduct joint research to develop new products related to building and construction. The pop-up cutter is used to cut grass and straw as well as waste electric wires, thereby promoting recycling. In the field of precision sheet metal, we use advanced welding technology, such as laser welding, to realize high quality precision, thereby coping with demands from various fields including medicine and aircraft.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our strength is our comprehensive capability of conducting all kinds of relevant operations, including development, design, manufacture, production of precise sheet metal products, sale, distribution and warehousing. In particular, we have advanced development capability, excellent procurement capability, and quality-prioritized production technology gained through our many years of operation. Furthermore, we have after-sale service that prioritizes procurement of parts. We have advanced equipment for YAG laser welding, namely maximum precision equipment made by Trump, Germany, and have the precision sheet metal forming and production technology that allows us to produce products that are usually difficult to manufacture. We enjoy high trust from a major manufacturer, one of the top class companys in the agricultural machinery industry, and have continued joint development and production for over half a century.

[Business description]
We have two businesses (factories). The head office factory mainly conducts development, design, manufacture and sale of agriculture-related machinery as well as conducts joint research in new fields. In addition to this, the head office also has sales branches in Yamagata, Hokkaido, Osaka and Kumamoto and has a cooperating company in China. The other factory, which is a precision sheet metal factory, is in charge of pressing and welding using laser machining and excels in machining stainless steel, aluminum, copper, bronze, and duralumin not to mention any kind of metallic sheet. The factory staff meet with customers from various fields as early as possible in the design stage, and provide them with made-to-order products ranging from a single prototype to a variety of models.

Manufacture of general machinery and equipment and agricultural machinery

[Strength of products/technologies]
We design, test, and study various products including lawn mowers, combines for soybeans, wheat, and buckwheat, carrot harvesters, binders, and harvesters. We also provide finished products of self-propelled machines. Since we have our own coating equipment, we can finish products as requested by customers. In our precision sheet metal factory, we operate three advanced fiber laser machining systems, which can deal with up to 20 mm thick steel plates, 20 mm thick stainless steel plates, and 20 mm aluminum plates. Our press brake can bend up to 135 ton and 3 m long metals. We provide highest quality with our YAG laser welding. We excel at machining of stainless steel products including welding. We enjoy high reputation in our polishing and finishing technology.

[Representative's message]
We fuse tradition and innovation to secure our technological foundation. We intend to diversify into various fields while aiming to achieve the target of managing the company based on three mainstays. We intend to refine our total technological capability based on the current agricultural machinery business and precision sheet metal business. We will establish a business development planning system, explore management resources, make investments, and employ and train competent staff. We continue to do our business with greater overseas operations as our other target, and win trust of customers while trying to be the “first call” company for all our customers.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have staff dedicated to new transactions for Japan and overseas (in the General Affairs Division, General Affairs Department) and also provide dedicated staff in each department so that operations can be smoothly conducted interdisciplinarily across all departments. Constant revision of our organization allows us to always provide the best proposals to our customers. Development of new sales channels is our ongoing mission.

[Market share/Ranking]
Cutters for installation on combines and cutters as an independent device: 43.4% market share in Japan (according to the statistics of the Japan Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Association, 2015); soybean threshing machines: 21.2% share (according to the statistics of the Technology and Extension Division, Agricultural Production Bureau, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, 2014)

[Awards and media coverage]
Science and Technology Director Award (1997), and Invention Encouragement and Merit Award (2009)

“Excellent Manager,” Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun; “Mechanized Agriculture,” Agricultural Machinery News, Shin-Norinsha Co., Ltd.; “Green & Machine,” Nokei Shimbo, Nokei-simpo Co., Ltd.; Noson News, Kokusainogosha Co., Ltd.; Monthly AMJ, Marketing Journal

ISO 14001 acquired (Self-Declaration of Conformance)

[Joint research and development]
National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (compact lawn mower for weeding around trees in field for cultivation of perennial crops, high-performance adjuster for weak vegetables - ongoing)

[Intellectual property]
Patent registration (Japan): walking type lawn mower (patent no. 4956320), and other 42 patents; patent registration (outside Japan): 7 patents; patents being applied (Japan): 41; patents being applied (overseas): 8; design registration (Japan): 2

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Kubota (color selector, combines for soybeans, wheat and buckwheat, harvester and selector of carrots, lawn mower, binder, harvester, grain conveyor, and seedling box washer - up to the present), Shincron (components for vacuum thin film system - up to the present), Seiko Epson (components for semi-conductor equipment - up to the present), Mtex Matsumura (semiconductor, automobile parts - up to the present), TDK (electronic equipment components - up to the present), and many other manufacturers

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