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Latest update: 26/02/2020 10:25:04

Geotech Co., Ltd.

We provide inclination measurement as an integrated service for monitoring against possible slope disasters.

Our company develops and offers inclination measuring devices for slope disaster prevention, which are based on surveying technology. We can offer integrated services including everything from developing a sensor’s operating principle, software, hardware, and communications technology to system sales and operation data services. We are currently developing a compact, maintenance-free inclination measuring device and Web monitoring technology, both of which are now in the trial phase. We plan to apply these technologies to make proposals on inclination monitoring for temporary tanks at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. We are also targeting excavation holes at construction sites for the Tokyo Olympic Games. We jointly developed measuring poles and vertical determination sensors with Ibaraki University, which are intended for use in measuring and managing the inclination of surveying poles and leveling rules.


Sales Pitch

We develop and sell monitoring systems combined from devices such as inclinometers. We also provide surveillance services.
・Our system monitors the degree of inclination in time series, detects a symptom of collapse, and reports it for early measures to contribute to disaster reduction.
・Our system detects a change in the degree of inclination of a building or device in time series with high accuracy and monitors soundness for a long time. If an abnormality occurs, the system allocates it for a more precise diagnosis, and also provides seismic motion as basic data to produce an objective value.
・Medium-accuracy inclinometers:
For outdoor installation. Moisture-proof and dustproof  design. Dedicated rack provided for installation. Solar power supply. Web connection through repeater.
Azimuth sensor mounted. Setting with north as the 0-degree standard. Surface monitoring easy due to multi-point installation. Resolution: 0.01
Custom-made level gauge adopted. Patent already acquired.

・High-accuracy inclinometers:
For indoor installation. Solar power supply possible. Level gauge adopted. Resolution: 0.0001. Already patented.
・Remote operation monitoring by two-way communicatiions using IoT technology enables slope collapse symptom monitoring (slope change monitoring) anytime, anywhere for early measures to prevent or mitigate disasters.
・You can monitor buildings and devices on soft grounds for inclination. You can also check the impacts of seismic vibrations on buildings.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
We can deal with a wide range of operations with our own technologies because of our joint research with Ibaraki University. This includes developing a sensor’s operating principle, and operation of the communications network. We can also provide useful inclination data for disaster prevention and mitigation by detecting signs of slope failure and monitoring the inclination of buildings in urban areas. There is an increasing need for this kind of service in society after the series of recent natural and man-made disasters. The 10-year warranty period stipulated in the Housing Quality Assurance Act is an example of responses to such needs. Both the contractor and owner of a building are expected to monitor inclination and share the data for a long time. Our company is ready to offer such services.

[Business description]
Our company has two main businesses. We offer construction services (surveying). We also develop inclination measuring devices for slope disaster monitoring, as well as a compact, maintenance-free inclination measuring device for urban disaster monitoring. We offer comprehensive service that includes everything from developing a sensor’s operating principle, software, hardware, and communications technology to system sales and providing operation data services. 

Construction services

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our product obtains inclination direction (north is 0°) and the degree of inclination with high precision of ±0.01°. Both direction and degree of inclination are visualized by using a round leveling rule. The program can be upgraded by remote control. It is compatible with XBee, Bluetooth, and 920 MHz communication modules, and operates on local or Web networks. It is designed to withstand direct sunlight even on a scorching-hot day, and yet it is compact (the size of plastic bottle) and lightweight (0.8 kg). A whole area can be monitored for deformation when our product is installed at multiple points. The measuring intervals can be flexibly changed at any time from a PC in your office. 

[Representative's message]
The domestic Japanese sensor market is expected to grow from the current 500 billion to 1 trillion yen in scale. The global monitoring market will grow from its current zero level into a 2 trillion yen market in 2030. (Source: “Japan Revitalization Strategy — Japan is Back,” adopted by the Cabinet on June 14, 2013.) Early participation can lead to a larger market share as well as possible growth with the market, so we are highly motivated to expand our business overseas. We received dozens of requests for catalogs when our product was mentioned in a civil engineering publication (60% from public offices, and 40% from private consulting firms). We will actively develop overseas markets.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our senior officers develop sales channels (public offices and private companies), and we work with major civil engineering, construction, and surveying related trading companies for sales. We will also actively promote cooperation with other trading companies. A member of the development department handles technical inquiries. We will hire and assign dedicated personnel to new customer relations. We plan to use support from public support organizations for overseas expansion.

[Market share/Ranking]
Our market share is 0% as our product is in the trial phase.

[Awards and media coverage]

The Nikkei, Northern Kanto region edition, mentioned us as a “venture with unusual abilities” (September 25, 2015).

[Joint research and development]
Ibaraki University Graduate School: Joint research on the limitation characteristics of vertical determination sensors and leveling rule, image processing, communications technology, and countermeasures against elevations in temperature (2008 to 2015).

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Our product has not been shipped as it is in the trial phase.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Our product has not been shipped as it is in the trial phase.

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