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Latest update: 30/07/2021 15:25:29


Leave it to us for surface treatment

We have an integrated painting-related production system from paint sales to the supply, processing, and application of painted building materials.


Sales Pitch

We are the only company in Hokkaido offering zinc phosphate treatment
Treatment of hot-dip galvanized surfaces with zinc phosphate
1. As landscape materials for civil engineering and architecture
Calm colors ranging from light to dark gray. Our products convey a gentle magical atmosphere to the eyes with their varied crystal patterns.

2. For sliding resistance
Our products provide sufficient resistance to sliding in the friction junction of steel frames with hot-dip galvanized high-tension bolts.

3. For preparing bases to be painted (for pretreatment)
Our products provide galvanization surfaces with a zinc phosphate film to cause paint to adhere strongly, which further improves the product's corrosion resistance.

Phosphate treatment tank
900 W × 5,500 L × 1,500 H mm

Drying room
3,000 W × 3,000 L × 3,000 H mm
3,000 W × 5,000 L × 3,000 H mm
3,000 W × 9,000 L × 3,000 H mm
2,500 W × 10,000 L × 2,600 H mm

Painting booth
3,000 W × 6,500 L × 2,000 H mm
4,400 W × 11,400 L × 3,000 H mm
Snow King (snow-slipping coating) coating for snow removal machinery and snowplows
Our coating make surfaces more slippery. The slipperiness makes snow accretion less likely, which increases work efficiency.
Colormony Murata, a shop for disseminating information about paints and colors
Has dirt on your house been bothering you recently?
Are you wondering how you can have it repainted?
What about the cost, time, and finish? Are you wondering if you can do it on your own?
We have developed Colormony, a house-repainting shop, to give you clear-cut answers to these questions and help you revive your house as a beautiful home. Consult us at Colormony Murata with whatever questions or problems you may have about coloring, paints, or repainting.

Sapporo Branch: +81-11-769-3131
Kitami Branch: +81-157-36-8731

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