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Latest update: 30/05/2017 18:02:08

Kudo Denshi Co., Ltd.

We have a track record of producing urethane and sheet processed products for major companies in Japan.

Our company manufacture and sells products made of felt and urethane foam materials as well as cooling sheets. Our products are mainly for manufacturers of printers and automotive parts. Our company has been accumulating knowledge and experience since our establishment in 1971. This relates to the lamination and press punching of soft materials such as film, rubber, urethane, paper, and double-sided adhesive tape. We have been increasing our business volume by satisfying various customer needs regarding material hardness or softness, thickness, lot size, dimensions, and tolerance. We also propose unique solutions by combining lamination and pressing. We have experience in doing business with major domestic Japanese companies such as Canon, Fujikura, and Rengo.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our advantage is our accurate, low-cost lamination and press punching with press machines, which makes use of the technology we have accumulated to date. We can use materials and molds suitable for the machining you request. We can propose an optimal machining method and technology by considering conditions such as material property, hardness, and thickness. (This includes using only a male mold and selecting a Thomson blade, pinnacle blade, or NC carving blade by considering the cost, accuracy, and durability.) We provide products that are capable of satisfying customers in our sales activities targeting solutions for issues. We can handle large-lot production as well as sample manufacturing and small-lot production. This is also our advantage.

[Business description]
Our main customers are manufacturers of printers and automotive parts. Our mainline business involves lamination and press punching of soft materials (film, rubber, urethane, paper, double-sided adhesive tape, and so on). We are a press manufacturer capable of handling a great variety of materials in terms of hardness or softness, thickness, lot size, dimensions, and tolerance. We make use of our pressing technology to propose solutions to issues that other companies face in processing soft materials, including processing methods. We recently introduced a 3D printer and started to provide 3D samples. We constantly take on the challenge of various kinds of processing to satisfy customer needs.

Felt and urethane foam material precision punching; cooling sheet outline pressing

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our technology advantage is that we can combine large-scale lamination and pressing technologies. We can manufacture long products by lamination with a tolerance of ± 0.1 to 0.3 mm. We can employ pressing to process half cutting and full cutting in a single shot. The blade insertion height can be adjusted on the order of 0.01 mm. We have the advantage of being capable of achieving higher machining accuracy than other companies with fewer burrs and sags. Our production efficiency is also a number of times greater than many other companies in which lamination and pressing are separated. This is because we have a production system that integrates these processes.

[Representative's message]
All the staff of our company constantly work under the philosophy of never saying something can’t be done. We always ask our customers to give us a chance, to let us expand our experience, and to let us enhance our learning. Customers may have issues such as using a cutter because the production lot is small, or hesitating because of the high cost of molds. They may think that a particular kind of machining seems impossible, and may want a lower machining cost. We are willing to contribute to our customers by taking on the challenge of solving such issues.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our president and managers take the lead in sales activities by making use of our high flexibility as a small company. We are now preparing ourselves for technical and scientific (logical) support in English to strengthen our overseas business. We are also devoted to expanding our network and establishing partnerships with other SMEs. We actively participate in activities of the Technology Advanced Metropolitan Area (TAMA) Association and industrial support organizations in the Tohoku District to capture various business opportunities.

[Awards and media coverage]

To-o Nippo (May 4, 2013 and August 7, 2013); Nihon Keizai Shimbun (August 23, 2014).

[Joint research and development]
Graduate School of Hirosaki University (since 2013), Toray (2013 to 2014), Kao and (since 2015).

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Canon (film and urethane processed products, ongoing); Fujikura (film and insulation sheet processed products, ongoing); and Rengo (corrugated cardboard product assembly, ongoing).

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Tohoku Head Office, SMRJ

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