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Latest update: 30/05/2017 18:02:06

Suzumoto Co., Ltd.

The optimum solution through injection molds and resin products

We manufacture and sell resin molding dies and resin molded products. We handle both thermoplastic and thermosetting resin molded products, mainly for the automobile and electrical/electronics industries. Our major customers in Japan include TDK, Bando Chemical, Nippon Seiki, Denso and Honda, and we also export our products to Japanese companies overseas. Since we first opened our doors in 1972, we have steadily acquired vast knowledge and experience in mold manufacturing and precision injection molded plastic products, which allows us to provide the optimum solutions and products for our customers.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our strength lies in the provision of products with the optimum combination of thermoplastic and thermosetting resins for the structural, functional, and strength requirements of automotive, electronics, electrical and other parts. After proposing the appropriate resin materials and shape specifications, we plan, design and manufacture the respective molds based on customer consultations, thus ensuring that we meet our customers’ needs. We also have a mold manufacturing department in one of our group companies, through which we are able to fulfill requests by using a system that considers the mold specifications based on the part shape, etc., as well as responding to detailed technology, delivery time and cost.

[Business description]
We manufacture and sell precision injection molded plastic products and the respective molds mainly for OEM orders. Product design and fabrication includes the provision of proposals for the material, shape and specifications, and the in-house manufacture of the molds. Our main molding process is injection molding, but we handle all target resins whether they are thermoplastic or thermosetting resins. We are committed to providing Monozukuri (manufacturing) services that meet the various needs of our customers, including for materials ranging from general resins to super-engineering plastics.

Design and manufacturing of injection molds for plastics, and manufacturing of precision molded products made of thermoplastic and thermosetting resins

[Strength of products/technologies]
We constructed a system capable of detecting non-defective products, while supplying VE, VA and other proposals with respect to insert products and specially shaped products, by reflecting, in group companies, stable mass-produced precision die manufacturing based on a long history of molding performance and experience in manufacturing dies. In addition, we have many plastic mold technicians (one special grade technician, 10 first grade technicians and 18 second grade technicians) and fusion technologies (bonding of resin and metal, surface treatment and others) obtained through collaboration with other companies, enabling us to offer value-added products to our customers.

[Representative's message]
Our company pursues the possibilities of plastic, under a made-to-order sales strategy as a specialist in injection molding of plastics, and continuously improves the level of customer satisfaction, while developing new fields.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
A person in charge of new customers is assigned from the sales engineering department or sales department, to handle inquiries from major companies. A sales representative with experience working in the technical department and a person in charge in the sales engineering department or sales department provides technical consultation, and will visit the customer, as necessary, to discuss problems and solutions. With respect to overseas customers, particularly those in China and Vietnam where we have our own overseas factories, our local staff members mainly deal with customers’ requests.

[Awards and media coverage]


Certification (Acquisition date)
ISO 9000s (July 2000)
ISO 14001 (October 2006)
SONY G.P. (December 2004)
EPSON CSMS (July 2007)

[Joint research and development]
Yamagata University/Joint research companies mainly in Yamagata Prefecture (to 2005)
Creation of Yamagata lateral system and industry for high-performance and high-functional materials based on local agricultural products: Development of functional polymer materials using hybrids of natural materials and synthesized polymers
Kyoto Institute of Technology/Asahi Yukizai Corp.: Development of phenol material reinforced by long fibers, which can be utilized as a machine element material, since 2009)

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
TDK Corp. (mass production of automotive/electrical/consumer electronics resin parts and manufacturing of the respective molds); Bando Chemical Industries, Ltd. (mass production of automotive resin parts and consignment processing of the respective molds); Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd. (manufacturing of molding dies related to meters for two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles); Denso Corp. (mass production of resin parts for four-wheeled-vehicle starters and consignment processing of the respective molds); Honda R&D Co., Ltd. (mass production of resin products for four-wheeled-vehicle torque converters, AT and W/pumps, and consignment processing of the respective molds) and other major manufacturers of automotive, electronics, and electrical parts

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
TDK Corp. (similar to domestic deliveries); Denso Corp. (similar to domestic deliveries); Stanley Electric Co., Ltd. (mass production of light source resin parts for automobiles, printers, etc., and manufacturing of the respective molds); Canon Co., Ltd. (mass production of functional resin parts for copiers and printers, and manufacturing of the respective molds) and many other companies

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