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Latest update: 06/12/2016 14:47:38

Tsuruoka Co., Ltd.

High performance in weight casting for construction equipment, taking advantage of scrap

We cast weights for construction equipment, using scrap as a raw material. Our domestic customers include Komatsu, Hitachi Construction Machinery, Yammer, Topy Industries, Aichi Corporation and Kato Works. We consistently work on material procurement, product manufacturing, coating and delivery. Our company has the following five departments: the Auto Recycling Division for collecting and dismantling waste industrial products; the Metal Material Division for breaking up dismantled waste industrial products; the Counterweight Division for manufacturing products; the Overseas Procurement Division for procuring construction machinery parts and the like from overseas; and the JP Division responsible for assembly and coating of products. These five departments work together to create synergies such as improving business efficiency and reducing environmental impact.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Weight casting uses scrap as a raw material and is eco-friendly.
We procure overseas from China, and use an inspection department on site to prevent defective products from being passed to the next stage.
To ensure JIT delivery, we store products in our own warehouse in the Kanto area, and cooperate with commercial warehouses outside the Kanto area.

[Business description]
Production of weight casting for construction equipment using scrap as a raw material, overseas sales such as cast and sheet metal parts, and coating (including top coating) of self-manufactured goods and procurements

Iron scrap processing industry, transportation machinery equipment manufacturing industry

[Strength of products/technologies]
We use a casting expert as an adviser to give advice on overseas procurement in terms of material quality. In addition, we use a design and trading expert in order to meet various demands.
We can not only perform coatings to meet customer standards, but also to specified colors requested by users.
We currently have 27 Chinese trade partners for procuring 453 items, but are always looking for new suppliers in order to meet customer demands, considering QDC on the basis of our experience.

[Representative's message]
In our company, the JP Division applies a complete coating to weights obtained by collecting and dismantling waste industrial products such as used automobiles in the Auto Recycling Division, breaking up and processing the dismantled waste industrial products in the Metal Material Division, and supplying the raw material to the Counterweight Division, as well as to construction machinery parts, etc. procured by the Overseas Procurement Division, and then sub-assembles the weights and parts for delivery to customers. Using our original business structure for achieving synergy by the multilayered combination of these five divisions, we operate a true material recycling business to ensure both economy adaptable to the rapidly changing value of resources and safety for reducing environmental impact.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We employ various staff to handle inquiries from leading companies. All members of the Overseas Procurement Division handle overseas matters, and directly visit customers as necessary to meet their needs. Our experts in each section deal with specialized matters such as coating.

[Awards and media coverage]
16th Ozone Layer Protection/Global Warming Prevention Award, sponsored by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Ltd.
Review Committee Special Award “Construction of proper processing system for recovering Freon”

Tochigi Television “Kensei hitokuchi memo (short message from prefectural government) Tochimaru-kun hatsu genki jigyo (healthy business reported by Tochimaru-kun)”, Tochigi Cable Television “Kensei (prefectural government) pickup – Let’s learn about waste disposal treatment facilities and recycling of used automobiles”

ISO 14001 and ISO 9001

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
We provide just-in-time delivery of in-house manufactured weight castings and some overseas products which are top coated, for Komatsu, Hitachi Construction Machinery, Yammer, Topy Industries, Aichi Corporation and Kato Works.

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