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Latest update: 06/12/2016 14:46:39

Iwate Iron Co., Ltd.

We have developed our business in casting and engineering as two major fields.

Casting and engineering are our two major fields. We have expanded our business both domestically and overseas, and have a proven track record of transactions with Ebara-Elliott Service Co., Ltd., Nabtesco Corp., Misawa Homes Co., Ltd. and others. In the casting business, we are confident about creating products with ductile cast iron material, and respond to requests for quick delivery and small-lot high-mix, high value-added products. We have supplied products in a variety of sizes in a wide range of fields such as working machines, industrial machines, transportation equipment, electrical components and construction materials, which have contributed to the expansion of our business. In our engineering business, we design and manufacture custom-made equipment to meet our clients’ needs.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
The main material of our products is cast iron characterized by delicate formation, weight-bearing appearance and corrosion resistance. Our cast iron is a “ductile cast iron” material. It is an iron alloy made by adding such substances as magnesium and spheroidizing carbon, exhibiting an outstanding hardness compared to cast steel. We provide products with stable quality achieved through thermal treatment, processing and finishing that are based on superior techniques and skills that we have accumulated through many years of experience. As well, we provide quick delivery and small-lot high-mix and high value-added casting components. Moreover, we also handle the design, manufacturing and maintenance of various labor-saving devices (labor-saving devices; design, manufacturing and working of material handling equipment; commission, assembly and adjustment of precision machinery; maintenance such as plant maintenance; improvement and modification of existing equipment and others)

[Business description]
Our company was founded in 1949 as a steel manufacturer. The casting business was fully commercialized in 1984, and the engineering business was launched in 1991. The casting and engineering divisions are the two main pillars of our business. Our casting services include the production and supply of a broad range of various-sized products such as working machines, industrial machines, transportation equipment (for automobiles, trains and shipbuilding), electrical components and construction components. We handle small-lot high-mix and high value-added products ranging from every material component to non-iron materials such as aluminum and stainless steel, and precise machinery processing. In our engineering business, we design and manufacture custom-made products such as instruments compatible with the specifications requested by the individual user. Moreover, we assemble semiconductor related equipment, precision processing machinery and others.

Casting, development and manufacture of mechatronics equipment and others, and processing of machinery components and others.

[Strength of products/technologies]
We provide a wide range of products from various high-value-added material components to precision machinery processing at a 0.001-mm scale as well as high-mix low-volume production (100 g to 10 t). We have achieved a high-efficiency inspection process and improved quality by introducing a three-dimensional (3D) scanner compatible with two-meter large-scale products. The ductile cast iron enables us to spheroidize carbon and achieve substantial hardness comparable to cast iron. Moreover, with the heat treatment, we can manufacture austempered ductile iron products (tensile strength 900–1330 N/mm2) having hard and sticky metal structure, further reinforcing the matrix structure in the cast iron.

[Representative's message]
Our goal is to expand the manufacture and sale of ecofriendly, safe, lightweight, high grade and unique products while maintaining the benefits of ironware in terms of hardness, heat resistance and durability. We develop new ironware satisfying our customers’ needs by taking advantage of the techniques that we have accumulated through many years of experience, combined with the newest IT technologies, in order to contribute to a comfortable life for the people in ASEAN and other regions as well as in Japan.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our company plans to open new avenues for the future of metallic processing based on traditional skills from large-scale casting to precise machinery processing at a 0.001-mm scale. We respond to all our customers’ needs through our system in which all employees work as sales representatives together with the president, providing small-lot high-mix products, quick delivery service, high-value-added casting components and labor-saving products. We also positively focus on the overseas market, with the aim of expanding our existing market networks in order to explore new clients. Our company seeks business partners in new fields, from every business field, for the expansion of digital manufacturing fields.

[Awards and media coverage]
Certificate of Employee Excellence [Sokeizai Center (The Materials Process Technology Center), the Kitakami Chamber of Commerce & Industry, etc.], Certificate of Appreciation (Hanakita Houjinkai, etc.)

Nikkei Infrastructure Power (August 2, 2011), Casting processing for organic EL (August 26, 2011), Casting inspection by 3D technique (October 16, 2014); Sankei Biz Delivery of high quality hardware to Misawa (January 11, 2013)

Certificate from the Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program

[Joint research and development]
Granted patents (expired) for “Method for producing high-carbon low-phosphorus cast iron” and “Method for producing direct spheroidizing graphite cast iron from cupola molten metal”; four other patent applications.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Ebara-Elliott Service Co., Ltd. (liquefaction plant compressor), Nabtesco Corp. (low-temperature casting components for the drive system of a wind power generator) and Misawa Homes Co., Ltd. (hardware used at the connection points of pillars and joists, SWF method SS400)

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
We have a proven track record of supplying our products to Elliott Company in the U.S. via Ebara-Elliott Service Co., Ltd., General Electric Company in the U.S. via Nabtesco Corp., Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (wind power generator components) expanding overseas via Ishibashi Manufacturing Co., Ltd., as indirect delivery services.

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