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Latest update: 30/05/2017 18:00:41

Riken Co., Ltd.

Our lines of business include freeze-proofing and earthquake-resistance reinforcement work on aqueduct bridges in cold regions, and snow and wind fence operations.

Our main business is freeze-proofing in cold regions, where we achieve high insulation properties for bridge-attached pipes and aqueduct bridges by using rigid urethane foam. Our other businesses include earthquake-resistance reinforcement work on aqueduct bridges as a protection against water failure in the case of earthquakes. In our snow and wind fence operation we develop roadside fences for preventing snowdrifts and visibility failure caused by snow. We also provide stopper fences for elevated bridges, which prevent car loads from falling. Our maintenance-free Biebo delineator is another example from our product lineup. This product makes use of solar panels and LEDs for light emission. 

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[Company strength]
We have mainly operated our aqueduct bridge and snow fence businesses since our company’s establishment in 1994. We have accumulated technologies and know-how suitable to protect daily life in northern areas such as Japan’s Hokkaido, Tohoku, and Koshinetsu regions, where the natural environment is harsh. Our products are independently designed, developed, manufactured, and installed by our company. This integrated manufacturing system allows for flexible responses to various conditions, such as those at a construction site and during installation itself. Intellectual asset management is another focus in our operation to make use of our technology and know-how. We have acquired one patent on aqueduct bridges (Connection Structure of Heat Insulation Duplex Pipe and Connecting Method). We also have three patents on snow fences (Snowstorm Guide Fence, Road Drifting Snow Guide Fence, and Blow-Off Type Snow Fence). 

[Business description]
Bridge-attached pipe and aqueduct bridge operation: The upper sides of these bridges include pipes to transport water over rivers and gorges. Our products have a rigid urethane foam filling to enhance insulation, and so they are often used in cold regions where freeze-proofing is necessary. They are also increasingly adopted in warmer regions, because our products effectively prevent dew condensation.
Snow and wind fence operation: These fences are installed along the sides of roads to prevent snowdrifts and visibility failures caused by snow. They have been installed in many places in the Hokkaido and Tohoku regions, after we offered optimal products based on the natural environment and installation conditions. We made use of the technologies and know-how gained from these projects to develop other products such as stopper fences. These fences are installed on elevated bridges to prevent car loads from falling. 

Construction and civil engineering material design, manufacturing, and sales

[Strength of products/technologies]
Compound pipes protect vital water resources in cold regions: Our heat insulation pipes effectively maintain temperature as the base material is a filling of rigid urethane foam. They have been adopted in over 3,000 projects in the Hokkaido, Tohoku, and Koshinetsu regions. This product is also used for earthquake-resistance reinforcement work on aqueduct bridges to preserve the water supply even in the case of earthquakes.
Snow and wind fences control nature by natural means: We can propose effective snow and wind fence installation. This is based on our research and expertise on natural conditions (such as wind, snow, and terrain) and natural forces, and makes use of the unique characteristics of the site. We will present an optimal snow and wind fence from three types (drifting and blow-by, blow-off, and drifting and blow-out), with all the necessary follow-up including design and manufacturing. 

[Representative's message]
Around 60% of Japan’s land is in cold, snowy regions, many of which are major production centers of primary products. Our company manufactures and sells infrastructure products (such as heat insulation duplex pipes, and snow protection equipment) that make winter in these regions comfortable. We were born in the north country, so we have a deep understanding about what is needed in the field. This is why our focus is primarily on providing necessary products and technology to cold regions, while applying popular cold region items (like house insulation) to warmer regions in Japan. We started work on a plan to introduce these technologies to the Russian Far East in response to Japan’s shrinking public infrastructure market.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
The Sapporo head office responds to new inquiries. Sales staff and technology staff talk to the customer, and propose an optimal product and construction method for the customer’s needs. The Sapporo head office as well as the Tohoku sales office in Sendai function as points of contact for customer inquiries for other projects. Staff in the technology department may also get involved if the inquiry requires a more technical response. We try to thoroughly capture the customer’s needs and restrictions in any situation, and make effective proposals by making use of our technology.

[Market share/Ranking]
Our bridge-attached pipes have the largest share (50%) of the market in Hokkaido. 

[Awards and media coverage]
Letter of appreciation from the engineering department of Nippon Steel, for safety activities conducted in the lining work for the Nagahoro SUS tank (July 2005).

Hokkaido Kensetsu Shimbun, “Research on Snow Fence Construction with Spiral Piles,” “Freezing Prevention Business Conference Held in Sakhalin, Russia,” “The Biebo Delineator is Attracting Attention Nationwide.” 

License from the Governor of Hokkaido as a contractor for civil engineering, steel structure work, and water utility work. 

[Joint research and development]
Snowstorm Guide Fence (Japanese Patent No. 2007-277982); Road Drifting Snow Guide Fence (Japanese Patent No. 2005-171553); Connection Structure of Heat Insulation Duplex Pipe and Connecting Method (Japanese Patent No. H10-238677); Blow-Off Type Snow Fence (Japanese Patent No. H09-158129).

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
JFE Bars & Shapes (heat insulation duplex pipes, 2015); many other transactions through major trading companies involving deliveries of bridge-attached pipes, aqueduct bridges, snow fences, and wind fences.

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