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Sanyou Tekkousho Co., Ltd.

We are one of the foremost manufacturers of pressure vessels in the Tohoku region, and we manufacture cans and machinery in-house.

Our main products are equipment for chemical plants. We also manufacture general tanks and parts by large-scale machining. We began our corporate history in 1945 by manufacturing marine engines. Our company established the first panel manufacturing factory in the Tohoku region in 1968 and expanded our business as a factory licensed for manufacturing carbon steel Class 1 pressure vessels. We then established technologies as a manufacturer of plant equipment based on the equipment maintenance know-how of a major chemical manufacturer. We now have an integrated system from design and manufacturing to inspection in this field. Pressure vessels are our main products, and we have become one of the foremost manufacturers of these articles. It is also our advantage that we have both canning and machine sections within the company.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our advantage is that we have both canning and machine sections within the company for integrated processing. We have the top track record with pressure vessels in the Tohoku region. Our company possesses an NC vertical boring machining center for machining, with a table as large as 1,500 × 4,100 mm. We also possess a single-column vertical lathe for a cutting diameter of 4,000 mm, which enables large-scale machining. We have design, manufacturing, and inspection processes in-house. We have cultivated know-how by building up an extensive track record in manufacturing industrial equipment for chemical plants and so on. We will devote ourselves to technical development by making use of our unique technical and organizational power. We will satisfy all kinds of quality requirements with our integrated inspection system from material inspection to assembly inspection.

[Business description]
Our company inaugurated a factory for manufacturing and repairing marine internal combustion engines in 1945, which was specified as an important factory by the Tohoku District Transport Bureau. This factory manufactured hot-bulb engines to the specifications of the Maritime Affairs Agency (20 to 220 HP) subject to inspection by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. The factory moved to its current location in 1962 according to guidance by Fukushima Prefecture, and the fabrication (canning) and machine sections were established. The fabrication section was extended in 1968 by installing a flanging machine and an in-house 200-ton press, and it became the first panel manufacturing factory in the Tohoku region. The factory acquired a license for manufacturing carbon steel Class 1 pressure vessels in the next year. We now make use of these technologies to design, manufacture, and inspect carbon steel and SUS Class 1 and 2 pressure vessels and chemical plant equipment. This includes tanks and vessels that are not regulated by law. We also manufacture parts by large-scale machining and design and manufacture gear pumps.


[Strength of products/technologies]
Our company manufactures gear pumps that hardly cause any cavitation. They can be designed from wood modeling, so we can satisfy even detailed requests. We design highly reliable low-price products that comply with domestic Japanese laws and the rules of ASME. This is based on the extensive track record that we have built up by manufacturing industrial equipment for chemical plants and so on. We perform various inspections and submit inspection sheets to satisfy requests for a broad range of projects. These include Class 1 and 2 pressure vessel inspections specified by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, vessel inspections specified in the Fire Service Act and other laws, and inspections on vessels for overseas use.

[Representative's message]
We are striving to modernize our technical factory and equipment with the basic goal of being a manufacturing department where you can safely entrust everything from design to assembly inspection. We do business in petrochemicals and various other industries as a factory licensed for manufacturing Class 1 pressure vessels.  Our company has celebrated its 70th anniversary thanks to the patronage of our customers, and we are now headed by our third president. We will continue to improve our technologies and modernize our equipment to be your manufacturing department. We will take flexible action based on customer feedback. We will appreciate your further guidance and patronage as a factory for your company.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We judge that there will continue to be domestic demand in Japan for large products that have high transport costs. We newly implemented a composite vertical lathe allowing five-axis control to strengthen our production system for large products and to satisfy increasingly diverse customer needs. Our company has achieved quick turnarounds, low costs, and high added value by building up an integrated production system from design and production to inspection. We are promoting order reception for manufacturing equipment in the field of chemical plant equipment, and also in new fields such as medical equipment, which is expected to grow in future. Our president is the leader in sales activities. We are also establishing a system where the technical staff as well as the sales division can be engaged in sales activities.

[Awards and media coverage]

Newspaper: Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (2012).

[Joint research and development]
Circulute Gear (Japanese Utility Model No. 3068699, 2000).

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Many major companies, such as Kyowa Vacuum Engineering, Show Denko, Shin-Etsu Chemical, Nichiraku Machinery, JEOL, Hitachi Power Solutions, Fuji Filter Mfg., Mitsubishi Chemical, Yamato Sanko Mfg. (delivery of various chemical plant equipment products).

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