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We have a long track record of delivering assembly equipment and inspection devices to the light electric appliance and copier industries.

We are an equipment manufacturer established in 1957. We mainly design and manufacture labor-saving automated machines, inspection devices, and conveyance machines. We have a long track record of deliveries of assembly equipment and inspection devices to the light electric appliance and copier industries. Our customer list includes Alps Electric, Fujifilm, Canon and many other leading companies. We have been developing new devices in response to customer requests for the past 20 years, and have built up a history of several hundred shipments. We have confidence in our technical capabilities. We have acquired 17 patents in the field of metallic mold development for benders, including a technique to create extremely low bends. We also make aluminum and aluminum-alloy products by press working. We plan to expand our lines of business.

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Sales Pitch

Automated machines
Beginning with a 3D design makes design reviews easy to see, and specifications can be quickly determined. Our production facilities take full advantage of technology to make instant confirmation of all manufacturing information and control progress and history data. We have established a system that can perform assembly and manufacturing in parallel by realizing fine-tuned part control.
Articles that are easy to see and manage can be quickly delivered to you, so good products will be available in a short delivery time.
We deliver good-quality products that are managed through the sequence of manufacturing, measuring, recording and shipping.






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[Company Strengths]
We fully apply the latest technologies and evolve our on-site techniques and expertise into stable Monozukuri craftsmanship that considers safety, the environment, quality, delivery time, cost, and human resources. We have established a system to continue technological innovation by storing and analyzing history data. This is why we enjoy high in-time delivery and low defect rates. Our company is well-prepared to carry out BCP by leading the PROFECT business organization consisting of 10 SMEs manufacturers in order to accept orders. This allows us to handle orders that we cannot accept alone because of the required skills, manufacturing costs, and production volume. We offer products that are more competitive in terms of quality, cost, and delivery time than those of our competitors. 

[Business Description]
We carry out design (machinery, electrical, and software), manufacturing, assembly, and wiring of labor-saving automated machines, inspection devices, and conveyance machines according to customer-specified and internally developed specifications. We have complied with demands for assembly equipment and inspection devices from the light electric appliance and copier industries in particular for over 20 years. We have delivered several hundred units that we newly developed. We deliver press dies, prototype parts, and developed products in a short time. We manually fabricate small press parts, diaphragms, and other items using simple molds and NC machines and deliver them to our customers. We are also fully committed to 3D CAD design and have implemented SolidWorks and ICAD.

Our product areas are custom-made metal products and molds, wrapping machines, image inspection devices, assembly equipment and conveyance devices, production control systems, and machine processed and resin products.

Manufacturing of metalworking machines, manufacturing of aluminum and aluminum-alloy pressed products

[Product and Technical Strengths]
We have acquired 17 patents in the area of developing metallic molds for benders, including a new technique to create extremely low bends. This is Japan’s first technique that can enable bending with a 1.5-times ratio in a single process. Conventional molds and movable molds led to an inability to commercialize certain products due to scratches and restrictions in bending to 4 to 2.5 times the sheet thickness. This made it necessary to change the product design or the number of processes. We are also developing a new area that combines equipment with communication services through university-industry collaboration with a medical university and so on. We are now making application for several patents (see “Joint Research and Development”).

[Representative's Message]
We are transforming from being a part processing company to a developer and manufacturer. We have placed our employees and built a well-prepared system to satisfy various customer specifications and university seeds. We earn the trust of our customers due to our quick responses to inquiries and our policy to speed up the process from estimate to startup. Our partner companies are also jointly engaged in our part processing business. Please contact us if you have any trouble in finding a machine or part processing service that can deliver high-quality products in a short time.

[In-house System for Market Cultivation and Overseas Expansion]
The president and senior manager are taking the initiative in cultivating markets in Japan. Our PROFECT order-accepting business alliance has a base in Vietnam for overseas expansion, but we think that our overseas strategy is still in progress and far away from completion. We plan to enter overseas markets in the near future based on the know-how we will accumulate by supporting Japanese companies to expand their business abroad.

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