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Latest update: 06/12/2016 14:44:42

Yukiken Snow Eaters Co., Ltd.

We are a construction consultancy firm specializing in snow control measures, which is rarely found in Japan.

Our company is a construction consultancy that excels at designing snow protection measures for road construction. We have also dealt with snow control measures for the extension of Shikansen bullet train lines and snow protection measures for overseas railway construction, as well as for high-rise buildings. We possess excellent numerical simulation technology that is effective for snowstorms, avalanches, snow accretion (in warm areas), and other kinds of snow damage. We also develop and sell mobile observation vehicles that are used for snowstorm observation. We use avalanche observation systems (with a microbarometer) and conduct drone observation at avalanche sites, and develop new technologies. 


[Product description] We conduct detailed field studies of past avalanche points and dangerous points. The data obtained from our studies and findings form avalanche simulations are used as references when selecting countermeasure facilities, and in developing various standards regarding avalanches.

[Product description] Snow accretion, snowcaps, and snow cornices are natural phenomena that require sufficient consideration for facilities incidental to roads, and also for all kinds of facilities that influence our daily lives. We conduct observational studies in the field as well as analysis and simulation, and consider how to prevent or mitigate these phenomena.

[Product description] We reproduce snowstorms using actual snow particles and mock snow to observe the risks from snowdrifts and visibility failure, and to gauge the extent to which countermeasures are effective.

[Product description] Study and analysis of snow, ice, and weather are necessary in conducting various studies, projects, and businesses, as this provides the most fundamental data for these activities. Analysis is conducted using the data obtained from fixed-point meteorological observations and snow surveys.

[Product description] We reproduce air flow, snowstorms, avalanches, and other phenomena through the latest simulation technology to evaluate the risk and effectiveness of various countermeasures.

[Product description] We conduct observations on the amount of snow to quantify snowstorm phenomena, linear observations on visibility, meteorological observations, and field studies. The obtained data, simulated results, and past insights are considered in a comprehensive manner to select and recommend appropriate snowstorm countermeasure facilities, such as snow fences and visual guidance facilities.

[Product description] Our company prepares preliminary and detailed designs of snow protection facilities based on the findings from our research and analysis. We also design windbreaks and sand drift prevention facilities.

[Product description] We will actively commit ourselves to R&D on new technologies that can be applied to snow and ice. We aim to make a contribution to our era, which is always changing due to such factors as the environment, aging population, and state-to-state disputes. For example, we will focus on developing snow protection facilities that can co-exist with the landscape and environment, and cost-effective snow countermeasures.

[Product description] We offering the long-accumulated AMeDAS weather data to companies and organizations in the same or different fields as a service. Users can access this weather information anytime and anywhere via the Internet for use in their business or research.

[Product description] Our company can plan and produce software products according to customer needs using weather information. We will pursue user-friendliness and high quality so that many people can use easily use our products via the Internet and mobile phones. We also try to provide easy-to-maintain products.