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Latest update: 30/05/2017 17:58:17

Sawa Co., Ltd.

Screw holder for an electric screwdriver by a vacuum adsorption/mechanical method

Our patented “automatic screw holder” for an electric screwdriver can be attached to an electric driver made by any manufacturer in a single operation. We developed the holder by applying techniques for vacuum devices, screw supplying devices, etc. The holder can be used in screw fastening work in all manufacturing industries. The holder can not only respond to extremely fine screws with the diameter of 0.5 mm to an M16 screw, but can also be used with nonferrous metal-based screws and screws which cannot be attached magnetically. These holders are introduced into manufacturing lines of companies requiring screw fastening, for robots, automobiles, household electrical appliances, construction and residences etc., and of major automobile manufactures, etc.  


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our screw holders can be used on manufacturing lines in every manufacturing industry, and therefore have the advantage of no customer limitations. We can customize our product for each manufacturing line in compliance with the wishes of our customers and therefore not only provide a conventional lineup of products but respond to circumferences of individual companies. We carry out product design, processing, assembly and delivery in an integrated manner within our company, and can therefore implement a short delivery period. We can also efficiently carry out mechanization with our original system technology.

[Business description]
We have been putting up the “individual”, best and unique products as our policy. We developed and patented an “automatic screw holder” for an electric screwdriver, attaches to an electric driver made by any manufacturer in a single operation by a vacuum adsorption method/mechanical method (sandwiching) without using magnetism. We developed this screw holder by applying techniques for our vacuum devices, screw supplying devices, etc. We conduct activities as a proposal-type company performing all operations from development to sales. We meet the needs of people in all categories of business requiring screw fastening, such as robots, automobiles, household electrical appliances, construction, and residences.

Metal work, and manufacture of parts of processing machines

[Strength of products/technologies]
We display our greatest force in screw fastening work in all manufacturing industries. We deal with various screws ranging from extremely fine screws with the diameter of 0.5 mm to M16 screws. We can also deal with nonferrous metal-based screws and screws which are not magnetic. We can meet various manufacturing line demands and are fully customizable. We greatly improve fastening accuracy regardless of proficiency and fatigue. Our products excel in adaptability to a manufacturing line for which construction of recent flexible automatization and mechanization is required, and do not require ease of equipping, and magnetism. These merits are useful for improving manufacturing quality, and contribute to vertical start-up of new products.

[Representative's message]
We will specialize in and sell screws related to automobiles such as nuts, bolts and cap screws for large-diameter screw holders of M8-M16, in addition to conventional screw holders of M0.5-M6. We fully endeavor to create peripheral equipment related to screw fastening (swinging stoppers, sensors, and screw supplying devices), and further the market input of newly developed products (Bit Cushion). We can thereby propose and construct the optimum system for construction of a manufacturing line capable of coping with more efficient mechanization for all products, and can widely contribute to the industrial world. We will develop sales overseas after accumulating results related to major domestic manufacturers after the completion of the abovementioned objectives (after two to three years).

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Recognition of our product name has not increased, in spite of a proven track record of sales to major companies, due to being trade secrets since the products are used in manufacturing lines. PR for representatives of production techniques and engineers are indispensable because of characteristics of the products. Demonstration and exhibition of the products at exhibitions which are expected to attract many customers are also important and indispensable. We established an office in Nagoya in 2014, and promote market development, centering on manufacturers related to automobiles from there. We have a market through domestic trading companies now, but are preparing an internal system for overseas development in around two to three years.

[Market share/Ranking]
Screw holders: The largest production in Japan, (Citation source) Tohoku Industry Activation Center, Tohoku no “Hikari-kagayaku” Kigyotachi (“shining” companies in Tohoku region)”, 2007 edition

[Awards and media coverage]
Special Jury Prize of the PI Award division in the “Monozukuri (manufacturing) Innovation Fair” sponsored by NIKKAN KOGYO SHIMBUM, LTD. (2005) 

NIKKAN KOGYO SHIMBUN “Challenge to the World by this Technology” (2005), etc. (Publication in the NIKKAN KOGYO SHUMBUN, LTD, and the IWATE NIPPOU etc.)

Accreditation under the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Creative Activity Promotion Act (2001)

[Joint research and development]
Acquired a U.S. A. patent “Auto-Catcher” (2004, US6,701, 812 B1)

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Many companies including major automobile manufactures, robot manufactures, household electrical appliance manufactures.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Our products are mounted in automatic assembling machines etc. made by major automobile manufacturers, and overseas sales are made in the U.S.A, Thailand, Southeast Asia, China, Europe, etc. 

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