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Latest update: 22/11/2023 09:33:05

Micro Square Co., Ltd.

We have a track record with custom-made ultraviolet LED irradiators.

We manufacture and sell ultraviolet LED (UV-LED) irradiators. We have confidence in our optical design technology, and we design irradiators with wavelengths from 365 to 405 nm for UV curing on a build-to-order basis. We satisfy various customer needs such as line and area type equipment, and air cooling and water cooling. We have a track record of delivering 100 sets of custom-made irradiators for UV curing. We are also increasing our deliveries of radiators in which two wavelengths are mixed. We plan to aggressively display our products at exhibitions and so on and accelerate our cultivation of customers.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our biggest advantage is that we can handle customization by making use of our flexible optical design. We already have a track record of delivering nearly 100 sets of custom-made irradiators, and no problems occurred. We assure the illumination intensity and uniformity required by the customer by applying our simulation software to create an optimal arrangement of LEDs. We actively supply our irradiators to power-saving fields, such as replacing UV lamps and introduction to new lines.

[Business description]
We develop, manufacture, and sell UV-LED irradiators. We particularly focus on designing and manufacturing irradiators with wavelengths from 365 to 405 nm for UV curing on a build-to-order basis. Our lineup of irradiators includes both line and area types, and supports both air cooling and water cooling. We can also handle requirements for uniform irradiation from a distant spot by making use of a mirror optical system.

Precision optics

[Strength of products/technologies]
We are advancing product development with a focus on high-reflection mirror technology. We maintain close relationships with domestic Japanese LED manufacturers. We often receive the latest information, which we flexibly introduce in our development of new products. Recently we have been supplying two-wavelength mixed-type irradiators in addition to single UV wavelength irradiators by making use of mirror technology that enables moderate mixing.

[Representative's message]
There has been a movement from lamps to adjusting the wavelength of LEDs according to the target material to be processed in terms of the materials supported by UV-LED processing. This includes UV curing resin, paint, protective film, ink, and gaskets. This is because the performance in terms of maintenance and power saving after introduction is superior. The fields in which our technology can be utilized are certain to continue to grow in the future. We also want to increase our participation in exhibitions in order to expand the use of our products in various fields. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our CEO works as the point of contact for the UV-LED business. He has a wealth of experience in satisfying various customer requirements, and can provide appropriate advice on product selection and quick support for matters related to cost.

[Awards and media coverage]


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