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Latest update: 06/12/2016 14:42:07

Miura Co., Ltd.

Our company used to specialize in manufacturing wooden molds for casting. Our implementation of CAD/CAM in 1995 made our company capable of casting and processing aluminum and we established an integrated production system in our in-house factory. This made it possible for us to produce products with higher accuracy, quality, and reliability as well as to deliver them to our customers faster.

We are a casting manufacturer established in 1965. Our company has an integrated in-house system from design to mold manufacturing (wooden and metal), casting, heat treatment, processing, and assembly. We are expanding our business by quickly meeting various customer needs. Our major products are large-pressure-resistant parts manufactured by sand low-pressure casting. These products are mainly sold to the automotive industry. We used to be dedicated to manufacturing wooden molds for casting. However, in 1995 we implemented CAD/CAM to innovate our business and establish a system capable of aluminum casting and processing.


[Product description] This method features high-quality casting compared with the ordinary gravity casting method. Our company controls temperature and pressure conditions using a computer, so the reproducibility is very high. The maximum pouring weight is 550 kg.

[Product description] Our company covers everything from design to mold manufacturing (wooden and metal), casting, heat treatment, processing, and assembly. Our advantage is that we can handle all steps of work within our factory. Staff at each process can instantly hold a meeting to check the process flow and find problems immediately. Smooth feedback from processing workers to designers is a critical point in manufacturing products (automotive parts) by welding-free casting. Integrated production (integrated quality management) helps to improve quality. [Major facilities and equipment] Balancing machine (Shimadzu), Mitsutoyo CNC coordinate measuring machine (X1000, Y900, Z600), helium leak detector (Shimadzu MSE-2000R), optical emission spectroscope (Shimadzu), precision universal tester (Shimadzu AG-Xplus 50 kN), X-ray device (Rigaku RF-200EGM2), and liquid penetrant tester.


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