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Latest update: 26/02/2020 10:24:57

Magfine Co., Ltd.

We are expanding globally by providing unique coatings with rust prevention and insulation properties.

We provide coatings with rust prevention and insulation properties. We have a proven track record in the design, manufacture, and sale of rare earth magnets and EMC ferrite magnets for electronic parts. We have conducted research and development of coatings since our foundation in 1986 and have established a unique well-sealed coating technology. We have applied our products to rust prevention and insulation coatings and respond to various customer needs. We have also broadened our business to include the manufacture and sale of magnet-based products which are useful in daily life. We set up a coating factory in Shenzhen, China in 2011 for overseas expansion, and set up a sales base in Italy in 2014 to accelerate our global development.


Sales Pitch

Ultra-multilayer coating for insulation and rust prevention
Multilayer coating prevents metal connections of pinholes. This produces the same effect as being pinhole-free.
Excellent film thickness accuracy
Ex. 20±5μm
No trace of contact
There is no trace of contact after coating because no workpieces are grasped for coating. (Contact trace post-processing is unnecessary.)

Other presentation

[Company strength]
One of our strengths is our corporate identity which is built by the following: 1) Each of us aims to become a person trusted by others (create a situation in which people can best demonstrate their abilities), 2) A modest president and a small organization (source of speed and responsibility, to make the most of creativity), 3) Commitment to win-win (a formula for success), 4) Commitment to cash flow management (the starting point for investment freedom), and 5) Acquire confidence (creative power, contentment, smile and service). We dramatically improve the rust prevention and insulation properties of rare earth magnets, EMC ferrite magnets, etc. by using insulating, rust-prevention coatings (our unique “Hi-DEN COAT (high density coating) technology) based on well-sealed resin coating technology developed through coatings over the years.

[Business description]
We have developed magnet-based products for over 25 years. We design, manufacture, and sell rare earth magnets and EMC ferrite magnets for rust prevention and insulation, coating of electronic parts, and magnets and magnet-based products. Our products are based on: 1) well-sealed resin coating technology and 2) technology for making magnets useful in daily life.

E Manufacturing 3299: other manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our excellent rust prevention and insulation coating is achieved by our super-multi layer coating technology and exhibits the following advantages:
1) Properties: rust prevention, insulation, shatter resistance, and decoration
2) Quality: coating film thickness precision of ±5 μm, easy to apply to edges
3) Novelty: multi-layer coating ensures no pinholes, can be applied to a material of several millimeters, no need for contact-gripping of workpiece
4) Coating: developed and manufactured to meet various customer needs

[Representative's message]
We actively participate in exhibitions to expand sales, not only in Japan but also in mainland China and Europe. We set up a coating factory in Shenzhen, China in 2011 and a sales base in Italy in 2014 for overseas expansion. For customers who want us to develop products in Japan and mass-produce them in China, we develop in Sendai and mass-produce in Shenzhen. We actively pursue sales by using Sendai as a domestic contact and Shenzhen as an overseas contact.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We develop coatings to satisfy customer demands, and design and manufacture coating facilities to suit the type of coating. We can conduct joint development as needed, such as slippery coatings or crack-resistant coatings even when bent, in addition to the conventional rust prevention and insulation properties. We have a coating factory in Shenzhen, China, and can thus respond to customer demands for overseas production by performing development in Japan and mass-production in China.

[Market share/Ranking]
We are a unique coating manufacturer and so cannot provide information on market share.

[Awards and media coverage]
Won the grand prize at a business contest in October 1993 (at Science Museum, Tokyo) for the color magnet “Pitamaru”.


Although we have not acquired any certificates, our management is based on ISO 9000 and ISO 14000.

[Joint research and development]
We develop and provide coatings for various purposes and have also developed new products jointly with major companies. We cannot disclose details of the development.

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