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Latest update: 02/09/2022 18:44:13

Tamada Corporation

70 years of track record in manufacturing underground tanks for gas stations

Tamada is a specialist in designing, manufacturing, and constructing underground tank. Including the service station, oil storage facility plant, aircraft refueling equipment, we also provide oil underground storage tank, anti-seismic water tank, fire cistern, and drinking water tank.

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Passion for manufacturing
Company profile
TAMADA is working to designing and constructing hazardous materials facilities around the gas station more than 70 years and accumalated technical know-how.With more than 20 years of manufacturing and sales results, we have the top share (70%) in the SF double wall tank market nationwide.Utilizing the core technology of SF double wall tank manufacturing , which is an underground structure made of a composite material of steel (iron) and FRP (reinforced plastic), we have expanded to anti-seismic water tank and fire cistern businesses, and succeeded in commercialization under the trademark of Aqua Angel.Regarding the Vietnam,it has been adopted as a JICA ODA project for Vietnam, and its technical capabilities have been recognized by public institution.
Total planner for designing and manufacturing underground tank and fire cistern
Iron (large) and FRP (large) can be processed.
We have a unique spray-up method for tank manufacturing.
We have public  certification and focus on safety.
(Fire Equipment and Safety Center of Japan, KHK, ISO9001)
Design and construction of service station, oil storage facility plant, and aircraft refueling equipment;
Oil underground storage tank (SF double wall tank), anti-seismic water tank, fireproof water tank, drinking water tank, design, manufacture and sale;
Design, manufacture and sale of steel underground storage depot angel;
Underground tank and piping lining;
Maintenance and reriodic legal inspections of various hazardous materials facilities .
Market development / overseas expansion
【Representative message】
Since 2015, based on the factory of the Vietnam subsidiary, we have built a production system that realizes the same manufacturing control and quality control as in Japan, and deliver products to Southeast Asia and Japan,centers on the Vietnamese domestic market and neighboring countries. 
【Company system for market development and overseas expansion】
With the rapid motorization of Southeast Asia, the number of gas stations (hereinafter referred to as SS) is expected to increase rapidly, and problems of leakage of aging underground tank of SS and construction of maintenance management system are expected to appear. We will develop our domestic oil storage underground tank (SF double wall tank) manufacturing know-how, service extension treatment for underground tank ・piping internal lining, and underground tank inspection know-how around developing ASEAN countries.

Other presentation

We have changed our company name from TAMADA INDUSTRIES, INC.   to TAMADA CORPORATION since July 1st,2020.
Kanazawa brand excellent new product
ISO9001、KHK、Fire Equipment and Safety Center of Japan、Japan Water Works Association
・【Reserch&Develop Record】
Steel underground storage (Depot Angel), Drinking water storage tank (AQUA in PIT)

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