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Fusione Co., Ltd.

We create new added value by fusing design with Monozukuri craftsmanship.

We deal with total product design and development covering from sketch-based image descriptions without relying on digital design to prototype manufacturing using 3D CAD. We have fused design with engineering on the basis of president Tomoo Nobori's experience in automobile design in Italy, and production experience with parts design for F1 cars. We aim to create proposals for new uses and value by making use of design, product development, and proposals that are full of utility without being restricted by existing concepts.

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[Company strength]
Our president Tomoo Nobori has experienced design and development at a major elevator manufacturer (elevators in a commercial facility next to JR Sapporo Station and elevators in high-rise buildings). He has also experienced automobile design in Italy, design and manufacturing of F1 car parts, and so on. Our company can make use of such experiences to conduct design, product development, and proposals full of utility, which are field-oriented and unburdened by existing concepts. We can make new application proposals and create use value that are evaluated by relevant companies as a strength of our company that does not exist elsewhere. 

[Business description]
We mainly design and develop industrial products. We offer total manufacturing design toward prototype manufacturing by making full use of 3D CAD and digital technology. We deal with a variety of products covering from industrial products such as industrial mobility, home electronics appliances, and LED illumination to medical equipment, bedding, and furniture. We employ a design engineering scheme that naturally includes coordination of the color and shape of the product, and the internal technical design is also carried out in parallel. We also support suitable branding for enterprises or products, with a focus on the manufacturing industry, and support overall market creation for enterprises from product design to marketing. 

Design and design development

[Strength of products/technologies]
We have strength in total product design and development. This covers from an image description based on a sketch without relying on digital design to prototype making by actually utilizing 3D CAD (Solidworks, Rhinoceros, SpaceClaim, etc.). In recent years we have been expanding downstream as well as upstream of manufacturing by making full use of our technology development know-how in addition to design. We also deal with LED lighting equipment, industrial machinery, and medical-related devices. We have second-to-none strength in our application abilities. 

[Representative's message]
Technology in Japan tends to be levelling off. In this situation it is highly likely that design will become the key to enterprise innovation in the establishment of new industries. We have been accumulating design know-how for a long time. We have experience in introducing our designs to technology-based companies, cooperating with associated product development, and supporting overseas expansion. We hope to expand Monozukuri craftsmanship in Japan and abroad instead of competing with overseas companies in terms of price. We will achieve this by thinking with design, with a focus on high quality and human beings, in order to create the new value of Japan. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our company has introduced a partner (cooperating member) system while basing ourselves in Sapporo. We can collaborate with technical partners in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area based on pre-established contracts when it becomes necessary. Our staff take on the role of supplying technical direction to our partner companies. We have prepared state-of-the-art digital equipment (3D CAD, 3D printer, and reverse engineering equipment). We possess technology and equipment that are compatible with the workflow of major companies. We mainly participate in exhibitions and competitions for overseas expansion.

[Market share/Ranking]
Our company is ranked at the top-10 level in Japan as a design office that practices design engineering.

[Awards and media coverage]
Sapporo Eco Design Award, UHB Prize (2009).

PHP Institute Office, "The design strategy of small and medium enterprises" (introduced as an example of applied design in Hokkaido); TV Hokkaido, "Keizai Navi" (introduced as an example of enterprise support by means of design).

[Joint research and development]
(1) Hokkaido Research Organization: Manufacturing and development of a design management system and electric vehicle exterior mock-up (3D CAD + NC), and reverse engineering development.
(2) Hokkaido Institute of Technology: Development of vegetable freshness measuring equipment.
(3) Planning of the Support Program for Developing Applied Design Products of Sapporo City.

[Transaction form]
Planning of industrial products, orders for prototype development, and orders for corporate branding or product branding.

[Transaction terms]
Subject to negotiations based on our terms and conditions.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Shirai Electronics Industrial, IHI Star, Uchida Yoko, Kuriyama Kosan, Telenix, Unysis, Sakurai, Contents (now Proteras), Noguchi Kougei, Excel Shanon, and so on; General Producer of the Support Program for Developing Applied Design Products of Sapporo City; Project Manager of the R&D Project for Hokkaido Electric Vehicles; Hokkaido Design Management Forum of the Hokkaido Research Organization.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Shanghai Star Modern Agriculture Equipment (Shanghai Star).

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