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Sunpoly Co., Ltd.

We propose product development that employs waste plastic reuse.

We conduct integrated processing from the collection, acceptance, and processing of waste plastics to the development and manufacturing of recycled products. We carry out material recycling of 6,000 tons of waste plastics per year. We also support in-house recycling within a company. This refers to the recycling of a company’s waste plastics into new products or materials used by the company. We are confident of our wide knowledge and practical know-how in areas such as agriculture, fisheries, and civil engineering. We have a good record of joint R&D performance with the Yamaguchi Prefectural Agriculture and Forestry General Technology Center and the Yamaguchi Prefectural Industrial Technology Institute. 

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[Company strength]
Strong point 1: A product lineup featuring a variety of products. We have accumulated a wide range of knowledge as well as practical know-how and planning capabilities in various areas, such as agriculture, fisheries, and civil engineering. 
Strong point 2: Low-cost production. We have reduced material costs to about one-fifth of virgin material by collecting waste plastics and using inexpensive materials. 
Strong point 3: Stable supply. We have established a production system for quick deliveries and stable supplies by establishing three bases in Japan.
Strong point 4: We are an industry top-runner. We are a pioneer company in the waste plastic industry, and we are maintaining steady growth in developing and manufacturing high-quality recycled products. 

[Business description]
We have been conducting Monozukuri craftsmanship using waste plastics since 1972, with consideration for environmental problems. We have been working to contribute to building a sound material-cycle society. We conduct integrated in-house processing in two areas. The first of these is part of the “vein” industry, such collecting, accepting, and processing waste plastics. The second area is part of the “artery” industry, such as developing and manufacturing recycled products. This is how we are creating products as new value. We hope to offer proposals for product development including OEM with the added value of how to further improve products. This is done on the basis of carefully hearing the customer’s needs, and of the know-how we have accumulated to date.

Recycled plastic product manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
We possess press molding machines and automation-type built-in molding lines. We have installed press molding machines with different pressure standards ranging from 150-ton to 1,300-ton at each factory. We can support injection molding and extrusion molding (by our subcontractor). We can manufacture various types of products with various specifications, such as small, large, thick, thin, and so on. This is done by using these machines properly according to their characteristics. We can conduct Monozukuri craftsmanship at low cost that is second-to-none, and particularly in the area of large products.

[Representative's message]
“From the finite to the infinite.” We are working to realize a sound material-cycle society. We make limited resources infinite with our material recycling business featuring our infinite original ideas. We are increasing our contacts with customers who wish to create new products by making use of waste plastics. This is done by making use of the know-how we have been accumulating for many years. We hope to make proposals for better products, and to expand our business.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have acquired JIS Certification for both our HQ factory and Tohoku factory as a manufacturer of waste plastic products. We have established a thorough quality control system. Three staff members in each factory have acquired Quality Control Manager licenses certified by the Japan Standards Association. This is how we are enhancing our quality control system. We have established a stable supply system in which the customer can place orders with a sense of security. This is based on our good record of performance in commercializing 6,000 tons of waste plastics per year. We are continuing our efficiency enhancement and improvement efforts at our factories. Automated production is promoted for some products. This is how we are making continuous efforts to reduce costs.

[Market share/Ranking]
Water stoppage material made of waste plastics in the agricultural field (about 50%).
Jars for octopus-catching in the fisheries field (about 70%). 
Sign piles in the surveying field (about 30%).

[Awards and media coverage]
Recycling Promotion Distinguished Service Awards, Chairman’s Award, 1994. 
Excellent Company Award for Resource Saving, 1984.

300 of Japan's Vibrant Monozukuri (Manufacturing) SMEs selection by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, 2008. 

Yamaguchi Eco Factory approval (2005).
JIS Certified Factory approval (HQ factory and Tohoku factory).

[Joint research and development]
Elevated strawberry planting system (Raku-Rack): Joint development with the Yamaguchi Prefectural Agriculture and Forestry General Technology Center. 
Analysis of the strength of sign piles and development of separation containers for waste plastics: Joint development with the Yamaguchi Prefectural Industrial Technology Institute. 

[Factory (domestic)]
Yamaguchi, Fukushima

[Transaction terms]
Payment is due on the 10th day of the following month for the amount as of the end of the previous month. (Negotiable.)

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations, JA, Bridgestone, Yokohama Rubber, Sekisui Chemical, Sekisui Jushi, NOK, Takiron, and Kyokuto Kaihatsu Kogyo. 

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]

[Exhibition History/Information]
GPEC (Greenhouse Horticulture and Plant Factory Exhibition/Conference), July 23 to 25, 2014, Tokyo Big Sight. 
IPF (International Plastic Fair), October 28 to November 1, 2014, Makuhari Messe.

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