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Latest update: 06/12/2016 14:39:41

Hinode Industrial Arts Co., Ltd.

We also accept orders for incombustible interior materials and original low-profile LED signs.

Our company manufactures and sells design panels of incombustible materials and low-profile LED signs (character and decorative) made of special materials. We are accumulating technologies for soft and round solid modeling and applying them to the manufacture of three-dimensional pictorial signs. We have an integrated production system at our own factory and also a wide lineup of blades for low-cost, short-term manufacturing. We support designs that are difficult for other companies to realize. Our experienced craftsmen support even single-piece original production starting from making proposals.

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[Company strength]
We are specialized in processing and manufacturing three-dimensional design panels, pictorial signs, and LED signs (character and decorative). Please contact us if you come across any problems about an interior plan for commercial facilities or for tenants, or an architectural design project. Our company began as a team of professionals in sign communications. We have learned through our history how to show displays, how to attach signs to installation locations, and how to realize desired design plans. This learning enables us to make wide-ranging proposals to customers. We excel at processing incombustible materials, ABS and acrylic resins, paper, and wood that is 12 to 50 mm thick and 1000 × 3000 mm in size. We have a custom-made router, laser processors, and all other equipment necessary for cutting, processing, surface treatment, and coating at our own factory. We are flexible about lead times and costs. Please feel free to consult us.

[Business description]
[Manufacture of decorative materials for interiors]
Our company manufactures standard or custom-made incombustible products for interiors as well as wall and ceiling panels at our own factory in Hokkaido. Our goal is to give shape to the images that designers have in mind. We also handle soft, rounded three-dimensional pictorial signs, using our three-dimensional modeling technology. We cover everything from the arrangement of a production plan with our experienced staff to finishing coating, layout proposals, assembly, and logistics. Our Brand Wall decoration uses our technologies and experience in wall decoration and LED signs to give shape to the symbols and ideas of companies and brands.
[Manufacture of low-profile LED signs]
Our company also manufactures three-dimensional LED resin signs using the technologies and experience we have accumulated in signboard and sign manufacturing since 1972. They are used by tenants at commercial facilities and at office entrances. We can also accept orders with short lead times because of our integrated production at our own factory.


[Strength of products/technologies]
We offer integrated in-house manufacturing of space decoration panels and LED resin three-dimensional signs using signboard and sign manufacturing techniques we have developed since our foundation in 1972.
We propose designs with wall decoration panels and three-dimensional resin signs to present the spaces our customer has in mind. This is done using a custom-made 3-axis NC router and a laser processor.
We can combine coating and LED lighting to produce soft, sharp, and various other kinds of expressions to realize the image our customer has in mind.
Our sales staff conduct detailed interviews and the manufacturing department performs data creation, machining, surface finishing, and coating. We can support customers carefully and meet customer requests flexibly.

[Representative's message]
We carry out our daily activities with “co-creation of a beautiful world” as our management philosophy. Our idea is to make commercial spaces, living spaces, and public facilities that are comfortable for people to gather and stay in. We achieve this using our unique three-dimensional modeling with decorative materials for spatial presentation. We will grow together by meeting customer needs with our experience, technologies, and information. We need to constantly move forward with innovative conceptions and active dynamism.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We will install more NC routers to prepare for a production increase as well as hire staff capable of creating data to increase the processing speed. The sales and design departments always handle inquiries in tandem at each office. We have an internal environment where engineers with the necessary expertise handle cases as required.

[Awards and media coverage]
Hokkaido Outdoor Advertisement Competition (sign), Governor’s Award; IPEC Encouragement Prize 2007 (Dimple Shade); SDA Grand Prize 2009 (sign); and accepted for SDA Area Design Prize 2014 (sign).

Introduced on TV Tokyo “Hokkaido Keizai NAVI” in 2011 and Hokkaido Keizai Shimbun in “2014
Japanese Spatial Designs” 2015 (to be introduced).

[Joint research and development]
Ikuko Yokoi at the School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, Toho University (“Medical care and nursing assistance pictogram” by the Research Society for Making Signs around Beds).

[Factory (domestic)]

[Other sites]
Sapporo, Tokyo

[Transaction terms]
Invoices close on the 20th of every month and payments are made at the end of the next month, or the 10th of the month after next.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Nomura Co., Ltd., Tanseisha Co., Ltd., Shimizu Corporation, Paramount Bed Co., Ltd., etc.

[Exhibition History/Information]
Exhibition at BAMBOO EXPO4 2013 and BAMBOO EXPO6 2014 (scheduled).

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Hokkaido Head Office, SMRJ

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