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Latest update: 09/12/2017 13:57:32

Takumi Solutions Co., Ltd.

We perform R&D of rare-earth-free motor control for electric vehicles.

Our company is extending LSI verification technologies from a third-party point of view to major semiconductor manufacturers. We do everything from making optimal proposals that meet customer needs to development. We provide efficient and comprehensive verification services from a third-party point of view by making the best use of third-party verification know-how and advanced verification tools. Our company is aggressive about the most advanced R&D and technical development. We are also engaged in the development of rare-earth-free motor control mainly for electric vehicles (EVs) and EV DC sensors.


[Product description] This system automatically detects palms for personal identification in as little as 0.1 second in images captured at high speed. It detects palm inclination and position for excellent matching. This is a non-contact high-speed recognition system, so it can be installed anywhere for use in various scenes (office entry/exit management, sanitation control, and personal authentication). It is customizable according to customer needs.

[Product description] This system makes use of sensors to monitor room conditions that usually go unnoticed, and gives an alert in case of an abnormality. This system detects harmful substances (CO: carbon monoxide; CO2: carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere and gives an alert when necessary. This system measures temperature and humidity and urges heating, cooling, dehumidification, or humidification to prevent heat stroke. The system uses motion sensors to provide alerts only to rooms where people are.

[Product description] We provide a high-performance software IP (C language) and hardware IP (Verilog HDL) to control rare-earth-free motors (wound-field flux switching motors) and conventional synchronous motors. Software IP for high-function motor control: Hardware IP described in Verilog (easy to port to FPGA/ASIC). Virtual environment solution: Virtual software development environment. Software evaluation solution: Motor control starter kit. Development support solution: Comfortable debugging environment with FPGA state monitor and RAM monitor.

[Product description] Our company supports development from any stage with FPGA/ASIC logic design and verification and board development and evaluation. Design and verification are performed by engineers with extensive experience in CPUs, IP, and protocols. We conduct efficient, comprehensive verifications from a third-party point of view to eliminate designer bias. We develop systems based on our experience with FPGA and PCB by extracting the customer’s requirements. [Major facilities and equipment] Tools necessary for design and verification. Tools and evaluation equipment necessary for PCB circuit design.