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Latest update: 30/05/2017 17:54:56

Joy World Pacific Co., Ltd.

Our calorie measuring instrument is distributed abroad. It is capable of measuring the calories of processed food in about 5 minutes.

Our company manufactures optical lenses and semiconductor inspection equipment, as well as calorie measuring instruments. We can handle joining and black ink painting for optical lenses, and assembly, adjustment, and inspection for optical units, even in high-mix low-volume production. Our Calorie Answer measuring instrument can measure the approximate calories of processed food in 5 minutes. It has been sold both in Japan and overseas. 

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[Company strength]
Our company accepts orders for optical lenses (joining and black ink painting) and optical units (e.g., assembly, adjustment, inspection) from high-mix low-volume production to mass production. We are willing to take on challenges in fields other than optics to materialize ideas.

[Business description]
Assembly/manufacturing: We manufacture high-quality products faster, with higher precision, and with strict observance of the delivery date, regardless of whether it is a small lot or mass production. We accept orders for small lots and prototype production.
Calorie Answer: We provide Calorie Answer, the world’s first food calorie measuring device, and other measurement systems that utilize near-infrared light spectrum technology and sensing technology.
Software development: We develop software for a wide range of fields, including embedded applications, various peripheral drivers, and other applications that utilize mobile terminals and advanced technologies such as cloud technology.
Hardware development: We can cover circuit design, artwork, and mechanism design with our productization technology. We seamlessly conduct trial manufacturing, various kinds of mass production, and inspections.
Web production: We create high-quality websites by taking usability, cross-browser compatibility, design, and cost-effectiveness into consideration, and by incorporating the customer’s needs.
M2M solution development: We connect various sensors and cameras to a network for remote meteorological data gathering, growth monitoring, and remote monitoring on farm fields.
Aomori Yoimono Farm: This is a comprehensive website for Aomori-grown produce and processed goods. Producers can use it as a channel for sales expansion and message transmission, while consumers can get to know the agricultural products and processed goods of Aomori.


[Strength of products/technologies]
No other device in the world can measure the calories of processed food in 5 minutes. Only our Calorie Answer can perform this task. We also develop telecommunications device drivers and various OSs, applications, and embedded microcomputer programs, and design hardware and mechanisms. We are involved in agricultural ICT operations such as sensing with agricultural and environmental sensors in addition to green energy business proposals.

[Representative's message]
The optical sector includes repeat small lot production for monitoring cameras, finished interchangeable lenses, and special products. An increasing number of these manufacturers are returning to Japan as a result of heightened risk management consciousness. We will accept these orders as much as we can. The Calorie Answer product, which we developed, has already sold 200 units in Japan, and the overseas demand has been increasing since last year. We had received orders for 8 units by the end of this fiscal year. The domestic market is also being stimulated because of the upcoming obligatory nutrition labeling. We will pursue this opportunity to proactively promote sales both in the domestic and overseas markets. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Staff members in the general affairs department are in charge of new customers, and they function as a point of contact for major companies and overseas companies. Technological issues are responded to by engineers in the technology department or the production department. 

[Awards and media coverage]
13th Tohoku New Business Grand Award competition, Encouragement Award; 1st Monozukuri (manufacturing) New Century Aomori competition, Vital Company; C category of JSSA 2008. 

Calorie Answer was used in the “Imashiru Labo” corner of “Good Morning” (Asahi National Broadcasting, June 9, 2014). It was also used in the “Eat Greek food” corner of “Good Morning” (Asahi National Broadcasting, June 19, 2014) to measure the calories of Greek food and Japanese food. 


[Joint research and development]
Calorie Answer was jointly developed with Aomori Prefecture.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Micronics Japan Aomori plant (semiconductor); Panasonic Yamagata plant; Fuji Film Optics Morigane plant.

[Exhibition History/Information]
Genki Project Exhibition for Builders in Aomori Prefecture (planned, October 24, 2014); Certified Product Exhibition under the slogan “Let’s Buy Aomori’s New Product Project” (planned, October 22, 2014); Agro-Innovation Japan 2014 (planned, November 12-14 (Wednesday to Friday), at Tokyo Big Sight); Embedded Technology 2014 (November 19-21 (Wednesday to Friday), at Pacifico Yokohama). 

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Tohoku Head Office, SMRJ