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Latest update: 11/07/2017 15:42:46

Soundpower Corporation

We have developed power generators that convert vibration energy into electric energy.

We conduct R&D on energy harvesting technology. This includes vibration force power generation, temperature difference power generation, and vessel-type small hydraulic power generation. We developed the Power Generating Floor®, which generates electricity by using the vibration energy generated by a person walking. We also developed the Vibration Force Cell®, which utilizes vibrations generated when a person pushes a button, and so on. 


[Product description] Our Power Generating Floor® original floor-type power generating unit uses the vibrations caused by the movement of people and vehicles as an energy source for power generation. It uses our original mechanism to convert vibration energy into electric energy. Many options can be added according to the customer’s needs. Details are as follows. (1) 100 to 200 sets of high-luminance LEDs can be made to emit light. (2) Radio waves (with a relatively small quantity of data) are instantaneously transmitted. (3) A simple sound, such as a single electronic sound, is instantaneously generated. Our product can be utilized in various situations by adding various functions. Please feel free to contact us.


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