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Latest update: 06/12/2016 14:37:32

Kogensha Auto Products Co. Ltd.

We are Japan’s sole manufacturer dedicated to making school buses for preschoolers.

We manufacture buses in our plant that we develop and design ourselves. We also develop custom-made buses that satisfy the user’s special usage and requirements. We have developed many unique products based on the techniques and know-how we have gained in FRP molding and marketing. Our sailing kayak is our new development challenge.

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[Company strength]
Our biggest strength lies in our extremely short lead times. These are unmatched by major companies, which typically tend to be inflexible. We achieve this by holding to our “One Stop Service” slogan to cover the entire process of development, manufacturing, sales, delivery, and after-sales service. We try to offer unique products with high value, which are produced by our unrestricted thinking and attempts to take a step beyond the ordinary. We are full of motivation to become an industry first. What follows is the list of our industry-first and other unprecedented products. Camper van with tip-up roof (September 1985). Steam engine-shaped food van (August 1987). Adventure Roof camper van with two-story cots (August 1987). Steam engine-shaped publicity car (April 1988). Train-shaped bus for preschoolers (October 1989). Super Kids vehicle for preschoolers (12 passengers; world’s smallest) (April 2001). Musashi vehicle for preschoolers (30 passengers) (December 2004). Angel Seat (Japan-first) (September 2010). Etupirka sailing kayak (world-first) (March 2014).

[Business description]
We are Japan’s only manufacturer dedicated to making school buses for preschoolers. We manufacture buses that we develop in our plant, and also develop custom-made buses according to the customer’s usage and requirements. We have delivered many unique buses throughout Japan, which we took on from design to manufacturing. This is done by making the most of our strength in molding FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastics) and the know-how we have accumulated to market our development. We have newly started development of a sailing kayak in addition to bus manufacturing. This is a new challenge in which our up-to-date design fully matches the latest trends.

School bus and FRP product manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our major technology is the general technology for manufacturing FRP products for automobiles and non-automobile products. We cover concept design, design, making models, molds, and final products for FRP products. We have the technology and skills to assemble vehicles, design vehicle exteriors and concept designs, and design, manufacture and sell advertising media using automobiles.
Product strength: Our products have thoroughly unique features, and we possess design and planning capabilities meeting the latest needs. We offer our products with value at reasonable prices through direct manufacturing and sales. We strive to introduce and sell designs and functions that cannot be found anywhere else.

[Representative's message]
We were founded in 1982 and developed and made the nation’s first camper van. We became the world’s first manufacturer of a steam engine-shaped Train Bus that can be driven on public roads. We have manufactured various types of vehicles while always devoting ourselves to offering customers “fun” and “spiritual wealth” through our vehicles. We have unrivaled know-how and overwhelming product development capabilities. These are in addition to the RFP molding techniques that only we can achieve as a dedicated manufacturer. This is how we can create unique new designs and develop functions produced by our free thinking. We started development of a sailing kayak, which is a completely new concept, as an attempt to create a new market. We are committed to further expanding the potential of our excellent design capabilities and FRP molding techniques to apply them in various other fields and introduce them to the world.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We continue to offer attractive products through collaboration and cooperation with major manufacturers from the development stage, without limiting ourselves to our conventional business. We will purchase a vehicle from a dealer and modify it and add exterior components to put in on the market. We have started a new project to develop a school bus for preschoolers using an electric vehicle. This is being done so we can contribute to the economy and the environment. (Discussions by non-managerial staff have begun.) We continue to pursue our own design concepts to develop cars and other commercial products. We are fully committed to offering new ideas targeting advertising media for clients in different business fields. This is done through our FRP molding techniques that can be applied to various design products.

[Market share/Ranking]
Buses for preschool passengers (satisfying the safety requirements of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism): 30% or more of the domestic Japanese market for small vehicles including normal exteriors; 70% or more of the domestic Japanese market for small vehicles with specially designed exteriors.

[Awards and media coverage]
[Awards] Two awards from the Aid Fund of the SME Research Institute of The Sapporo Bank, Ltd. with regard to the following achievements:  1. Development of a Vehicle Promoting Children’s Dreams (February 22, 1994). 2. Development of the World’s Smallest Car for Preschoolers Manufactured by Using a Mini Van (February 26, 2002). 

[Media] Media coverage including NHK and private TV stations, local newspapers, weekly magazines, etc.

[Joint research and development]
Joint research on collision safety for chairs for preschoolers with JARI (Japan Automobile Research Institute) (2012).

[Transaction form]
Sales of products and materials, trial production development and production, joint development, commissioned work, OEM contracts, etc.

[Transaction terms]
Based on our terms and conditions.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Educational foundations such as kindergartens, nursery schools, and preschool institutions. Approximately 1,300 preschool institutions (as of March 2014).Other customers (individual and corporate).

[Exhibition History/Information]
Shanghai International Trade Fair 2002, Hokkaido New Construction Method and New Technology Exhibition (planned) and Business Expo 2014 in Sapporo (planned).

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