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Latest update: 06/12/2016 14:37:24

GeekFeed Co.,Ltd.

We reduce delivery times and prices in software development using our abundant knowledge of open source technology.

We are constructing and maintaining an IT company that deals in software development and software package products. We have participated in various open source communities and accumulated know-how about open source technologies. Every member of the company staff has abundant IT-related experience, so we can assure quick communication and maneuverability. We can also support overseas exports and imports of products.

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[Company strength]
(1) All our staff have upstream and downstream experience from IT consulting to programming, so we are skilled in quick communication and maneuverability.
(2) We have participated and played an active role in various open source communities. We have outstanding open source technology know-how, so we can deliver products in a shorter period and at a lower cost compared with developing everything starting from zero. We can also support customers with optimal project organization by maintaining a wide-ranging partnership.
(3) We have staff who are native speakers of Japanese, English, and Chinese.

[Business description]
Upstream to downstream one-stop support for IT-related matters. 
(1) Development of software. 
(2) Construction and maintenance of an IT company that deals in software package products. 
(3) Selection and system introduction consulting when a company introduces a system.
(4) Product localization (translation into Japanese) and translating and creating contracts for Japanese general agents dealing in overseas products.

Information and telecommunications 

[Strength of products/technologies]
We can support the customer in development with quick deliveries and low prices using our knowledge and accumulated experience of open source technology. Our know-how is a particularly major point in industries with systems that handle sound, such as call centers. We have high-level skills in Japanese, English, and Chinese, so we can offer product support with a view of overseas exports and imports. We supply YouWire, the only product of its kind in Japan. This product can provide integrated support for three types of recording: voice recording for mobile phones, voice recording for fixed-line phones, and voice recording during conferences. 

[Representative's message]
We are a new company founded in 2011. New technologies emerge rapidly in the IT industry. We have been expanding our business by constantly examining new technology. We employ good technology to be used for business improvement and proposals for customers. We thoroughly carry out our customers’ work one project at a time, and obtain referrals to other customers. We do not have dedicated sales staff. All our staff are engineers who respond to customers directly. We hope to extend our good relations with our customers. We will do this by observing our corporate action philosophy of firm teamwork, a greedily questioning mind, and obsessively propagating technologies.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We do not have staff dedicated to specific areas. A limited number of staff will be the one-stop point of contact with a customer. This integrated point of contact has made it possible for us to realize quick support and effective communications. However, in-house support may not be sufficient depending on a project’s scale. In these cases our company makes use of the open source community and SME management consultants. We can manage big projects with a small number of appropriate staff members for each project. This is done by creating wide-ranging personal relationships with our staff and understanding their strong fields.

[Awards and media coverage]
Yahoo! News, “GeekFeed Starts to Provide a Smartphone Telephone Call Recording System for Corporations” (July 19, 2013). 
Monthly Computer Telephony, “Trend Solution” (October 2013).  

Kanto Bureau of Telecommunications: Telecommunications Service Operator Notification Number A-23-12345. 
Tokyo Management Innovation Plan Approval: 25-SanRoSho No. 128, Special Worker Dispatching Business Notification Number Special-13.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
NTT-ME Corporation (consignment development, since 2011), KDDI, Inc. (supply of products, since 2013), Nomura Research Institute, Inc. (technical support, since 2014). 

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