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Latest update: 29/03/2021 12:11:01

Tohto C-tech Corporation

We can propose new image processing systems for the detection of flaws that are difficult to recognize with the human eye.

Our company develops embedded control systems that are essential for cars and electronic devices. We have integrated the embedded system technologies we have accumulated over the years with Tohoku University’s cutting-edge image processing technologies. This allows us to propose new image processing systems for flaw detection, measurement of temperature abnormalities, and biometrics. We are actively promoting partnerships with trading companies to cultivate a market. Joint R&D with universities and private companies is underway.


[Product description] The point of a heat source cannot be found with conventional thermo cameras, but this product captures the relationship between the heat source location and its coordinates on the surface. This is done through our own unique technology of laying the thermal image over the visible image. In the case of thermography: The shape and location of the measurement target are difficult to grasp when there is no difference in the temperature. Comparison with previous measurement results is difficult if the camera position moves. In the case of thermo-fusion sensing: Locations are automatically aligned using a visible camera, and temperature is measured using the coordinate system of the product. Comparison with past measurement results is easy because of the automatic alignment. Temperature is measured at more than 1000 different points by utilizing the characteristics of thermography.

[Product description] Detects adhesive failure by measuring adhesion areas and locations: It can measure if hot melt adhesive has been adhered over the customer-specified adhesion area to confirm that hot melt adhesive adheres to the product. Ease of adjustment when production switching: The hot melt adhesive inspection area is automatically calculated, so the sensor location and the angle do not have to be readjusted even when production is switched. Easily attached to existing lines: Two sensor units, each with a pairing of a single-lens camera and a thermal image sensor, are all that is installed on the line. The equipment is so compact that it is easy to introduce in a limited installation space for existing lines.


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