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Connector manufacturer which provides a wide range of technologies and design capabilities 

We conduct business in communications fields, and other fields which require long-term reliability and robustness, such as machine tools and automobile. We have created electric and optical connectors through joint development with NTT over many years, and focus on the next-generation research and development. We have strengths in small lot production in large variations, and provide the one-week delivery service which completes the whole process from order receipt to delivery for one week. 

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[Company strength]
We provide distinctive products and services by taking advantage of three strengths, namely Wide, Speedy, and Tough.
Wide: A wide range of design capabilities and customizing capabilities
    Deliver products which cater to your needs by utilizing a wide range of design capabilities which have been developed for the history of more than 80 years. 
Speedy: Development speed and the capabilities to respond to small lot and short delivery time
     Our development speed is the industry’s No.1 class. 
     We offer one week delivery to deliver products in one week after receiving an order. 
Tough: Long-term reliability and robustness
     We conduct business based on know-how which has been accumulated in the communications infrastructure field where no trouble is allowed.

[Business description]
Manufacturing company specializing in connectors
We provide connectors for hardware which is used for a long time by taking advantage of our traditional design capabilities. Hardware to be applied includes information communications infrastructure such as the Internet, projectors and other office equipment, and machine tools including FA equipment. 
Also, we develop and supply connectors for modules essential for digitization of vehicles, such as on-vehicle cameras. 

Connector manufacturing and sales

[Strength of products/technologies]
Based on high-speed transmission technology which has been accumulated through joint development with NTT over many years, and know-how to ensure long-term reliability and robustness, we have created electric and optical connectors which meet customer specific needs in details. 
As the latest initiatives, we participated in the S-Innovation program (JST: Strategic Promotion of Innovative Research and Development) which has been promoted in cooperation between industry and the academic world, and developed technology to support high-speed optical transmission (~10Gbps) by using GI-POF.
We also work on development to commercialize AOC (Active Optical Connector), passive optical connectors, cutting tools for POF and others by utilizing the technology.

[Representative's message]
Since 1932 when we launched precision screw processing business, we have contributed to the development of the ICT foundation in Japan through the development of plugs and jacks for telephone exchanges, and diverse connectors which are the evolving form, no matter how little. 
We set “Segments No.1” which means to strive for the top position in multiple niche fields where we can utilize our features. Based on this basic strategy, we improve the level of services including small lot and short delivery time in our main communications field, and FA field. We also expand our business domains to the on-vehicle field by utilizing long-term reliability and robustness. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
 We have established business units in the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong  and Thailand. We are also expanding proposal-making activities in cooperation with a Panasonic device distributor under a business tie-up.

 We have established a support system corresponding to our customers’ borderless business development in which sales units in each area cooperate seamlessly.

[Market share/Ranking]
Connectors for projector light sources: 40% share of the global market.
Connectors for FTTH: 70% share of the domestic Japanese market.
Connectors for CNC: 40% share of the domestic Japanese market.
Many other products.

[Awards and media coverage]
Sony Procurement Partner Award  (2014)

Acquired ISO 19001 certification and ISO 14001 certification.

[Joint research and development]
Keio University
Most Advanced R&D Support Program by the Cabinet Office on the Creation of Face-to-Face Communications, using the world’s highest-speed plastic optical fiber and photonics polymer for large high-precision displays. 

Science University of Tokyo 
joint research on the analysis of various characteristics of narrow-pitch onboard contacts.

Keio University
S-Innovation program (JST: Strategic Promotion of Innovative Research and Development) 

[Factory (domestic)]

[Factory (overseas)]

[Other sites]
Osaka, Nagoya, UK,Singapore,Hong Kong, Thailand

[Transaction form]
Orders for trial manufacturing and development, licensing contracts, joint development, consignment manufacturing, and so on.

[Transaction terms]
Based on our terms and conditions after delivery and acceptance inspection.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Panasonic, Sony, NTT, Fujitsu, Fanuc,  Yasukawa and many other manufacturers.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Philips, Jaguar, Axis, Honeywell, Alcatel-Lucent, EMC Corporation, Hikvisionand many other manufacturers.

[Exhibition History/Information]
November: SPS IPC Drives (Germany) 

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