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We manufacture ozone water generators with performance improved by means of an electrolysis method. We also make antennas that are being used by DoCoMo, etc.

We manufacture various types of antennas, ozone water generators, terahertz non-destructive inspection instruments, laser receivers, semiconductor inspection instruments, and so on. Our antennas are employed in cellular phone relay stations. They satisfy the specifications required by NTT DoCoMo, Inc. Our semiconductor inspection instruments are equipped with high-level image processing technology and have been accepted by many domestic and overseas manufacturers. Our ozone water generator was the first such product in Japan to exploit the electrolysis method.

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Sales Pitch

Consignment design
We provide total solutions supported by the electronic equipment development knowhow we have cultivated in our in-house product development.
■ For infrastructure
Magnet-type horizontal sensors
(We aim to maintain standard quality for magnetic applications and wireless applications.)
■ For DIY
Laser distance meters
(Visible-light laser)
■ For advanced technical research
Terahertz TDS systems
(Terahertz light time domain spectroscopy)
Consignment and subcontract production
Our company designs products from large industrial equipment to cellphones and medical equipment, and we manufacture trial products even in small lots. We procure parts and manufacture products in Japan and abroad, and reduce costs by inspection. We aim to maintain global-standard quality by acquiring ISO 9001 certification.
Merchandise developed in-house
Our company manufactures various ozone products, such as ozone water generators, simplified ozone water densitometers, and ozone mist generators. We also manufacture laser markers and other measuring equipment. Our in-house products include heat exchange fans. Our company has a dedicated building for laser inspection. We perform thorough receiving and shipping inspections in the quality assurance division.
■Ozone products
■Heat exchange fans
■CIT-50P building internal diagnosis devices
Image inspection device <Message to overseas companies>
Image inspection for foreign matter and non-standard image inspection on production lines
We make use of the image inspection knowhow we have been cultivating for many years to manufacture and sell high-accuracy, low-price automatic inspection devices. Our products are easy to install on existing lines. You can save the trouble of master registration by using the HALCON library.
Our products are used for inspecting semiconductor FPC and CSP images, foreign matter in foods, and nonstandard parts.
We are promoting parts to Chinese and Vietnamese manufacturers and recruiting local agencies.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
We have accumulated a lot of know-how and technology in the 30 years since our foundation. Only a few SMEs in Japan can take on being entrusted with integrated production process design, software development for inspection and measurement, tool development, and quality inspections. We have obtained five patents for our ozone water generating instrument, which was the first such use of the electrolysis method in Japan, and have enhanced its quality. Our non-destructive inspection device utilizing terahertz frequency bands was also the first such commercialization in Japan, and we have obtained five patents related to this device. We are a company that takes on development-type challenges. We are equipped with comprehensive technology and know-how.

[Business description]
We manufacture and sell the following independently-developed products: antennas for cellular relay stations, ozone water generators, terahertz non-destructive inspection instruments, laser receivers, laser marking instruments, semiconductor inspection instruments, etc. We are conducting a factory-for-rent business in Da Nang city, Vietnam.


[Strength of products/technologies]
We have accumulated a lot of know-how and technology necessary for production (EMS). We have established technologies for integrated consignment, including production process design, software development for inspections and measurement, jig and tool development, quality inspections, and so on. Our ozone water generator and terahertz non-destructive inspection instrument were both the first such products in Japan, and we have obtained more than 10 patents. In addition, our antennas employed in cellular phone relay stations are high-performance antennas that satisfy the strict performance required by DoCoMo. Our semiconductor inspection instruments equipped with advanced image processing technology are highly evaluated by domestic and overseas semiconductor manufacturers. We have strength in frame design, mechanism design, electronics and electrical design, electro-chemical application technology, synthetic technology such as commercialization, and know-how.

[Representative's message]
For our motto “Make progress,” the company and the company staff should continue to grow as a group. We have been observing this corporate philosophy and continuing the challenge since our foundation in 1980. Although we faced frequent failures we did not give up, and we overcame our difficulties by close cooperation among all company staff. This is why we were able to make progress in supporting our customers. We would like to assist in supplying satisfactory products to customers and in solving customer problems. We feel happiness and a sense of fulfillment when we can help our customers. We will continue this challenge in order to become a company that can supply satisfactory products and services to customers worldwide.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have established a corporate structure to offer one-stop service support for our customers in each business unit. This includes the development unit, production unit, sales unit, and so on. We conduct integrated management from trial design to mass production design in order to swiftly deal with customer needs. We actively promote cooperation and collaborative development with the Industrial Research Institute, Utsunomiya University, Tochigi Prefectural Industrial Technology Center, Fujitsu, NEC, and so on. This is done in order to conduct more difficult and more precise inspections and research. In 2013 we established an overseas business unit. We made use of the know-how obtained in the rental factory DAIKU-JV in Da Nang city to start a consulting business to support our customers’ overseas expansion. We are also preparing to enter the overseas EMS business.

[Awards and media coverage]
Awarded the Gender Equality Promotion Enterprise Award 2013 (Otawara city), Certified as a Guideline-Conforming General Enterprise under the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children. 

Local newspapers, Trade journals, Nihon Keizai Shimbun, etc.

Acquired ISO 9001 certification in 2008; acquired ISO 13485 certification in 2003.

[Joint research and development]
Tochigi Prefectural Industrial Technology Center, project cooperation with Utsunomiya University, application R&D, commercialization R&D, and Monozukuri craftsmanship assistance project.

[Factory (overseas)]

[Transaction form]
Orders for trial manufacturing and development, OEM, EMS, joint development, consignment manufacturing, parts procurement, inspection and installation work, and so on. 

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Fujitsu, DoCoMo, NEC Network Product, Hitachi Koki, Panasonic Electric Works, KGK, Hirata, etc.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Delivery of semiconductor inspection instrument to Taiwan manufacturer, transactions with companies in Vietnam.

[Exhibition History/Information]
2013 SME Expo Sougouten, Monozukuri NEXT2013, International Modern Hospital Show 2013, Shanghai Exhibition 2012, 2014 SME Expo Sougouten (scheduled), Monozukuri NEXT2014 (scheduled), International Modern Hospital Show 2014 (scheduled).

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