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Latest update: 06/12/2016 14:36:10

Tatamiyadojo Co., Ltd.

The company manufactures Japanese tatami mat handsewn and works for spread and maintenance of tatami culture.

Our company is a tatami manufacturer which consists of tatami craftmen and whose market is all over Japan.
We essentially think over "what agriculture is" and "what tatami culture is", and regularly visit production area of rush, Kumamoto prefecture.  
This year, we manufactured handsewn tatami which is rare these days.
 In 2013, our company dedicated handsewn tatami to Aoiaso Shrine registered as a national treasure in Hitoyoshi city.


[Product description] Tatami mat sellers have never used to have relationships with its manufacturers in existing destribution system. We, Tatamiya Dojo Co., Ltd., offers tatami mat sellers the opportunities to visit tatami production areas and to learn production process of tatami mat from local manufacturers. They can directly understand genuinely good tatami and manufacturers' feelings through working with them. There, rush farmers and tatami craftsmen work together very hard for making bona-fide tatami. "Shojiki tatami mat" that we offered is produced as a fruit of such efforts. We also set up "Home of Japanese Tatami, Yatsushiro" as the production and sales cooperative association in Kumamoto prefecture. At present, over 30 farmers are affiliated with it. We are very proud of "Shojiki tatami mat" which will remind you of all the people involved in making it.

[Product description] In Japan, rooms with tatami mat have been decreasing these days. It is because more and more Japanese prefer "tatami-less rooms" such as wood flooring rooms. However, there are some people who say they want to enjoy tatami's good quarity. "Rush Roll" was designed and produced to meet these customers' preference. It does not only keep conventional humidity control and cleaning effect, but also feature uneven surface. Rush roll is made of domestic rush in spite of its quite different form from ordinary tatami mat. Domestic rush is also used as its mat core. Flooring room with Rush roll makes your room more stylish. [Intellectual property] Mat made from tatami straw (design registration number 1465554) Igusa roll ( trademark registration number 5581774) Class 20 cushions, floor pillows, furniture, partition, screen Class 27 wall hangings except for textile products Class 28 exercise equipment logo type of Igusa roll ( trademark registration number 5624713) Class 27 tatami, mats, wall hangings except for textile products