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Tatamiyadojo Co., Ltd.

The company manufactures Japanese tatami mat handsewn and works for spread and maintenance of tatami culture.

Our company is a tatami manufacturer which consists of tatami craftmen and whose market is all over Japan.
We essentially think over "what agriculture is" and "what tatami culture is", and regularly visit production area of rush, Kumamoto prefecture.  
This year, we manufactured handsewn tatami which is rare these days.
 In 2013, our company dedicated handsewn tatami to Aoiaso Shrine registered as a national treasure in Hitoyoshi city.

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[Company strength]
Since we set up Tatamiya DojoCo., Ltd., our affiliated stores have been increased to as many as 12stores. We will expand our stores network all over Japan in the future.  
We also set up "Home of Japanese Tatami" as the production and sales cooperative association at Yatsushiro city in Kumamoto prefecture, and over 30 farmers affiliated with it.
Our company's strength is that we can offer not counterfeit and poor-quality goods which cause various problems, but secure, safe and genuine tatami mat by collaborating of production farms and tatami stores. 

[Business description]
Listening to rush farmers in front of the production site of rush in Kumamoto, it was intuitively understood that if rush farmers in Japan disappeared, Japanese tatami culture must be lost. 
Due to the current influx of foreign-made tatami, production volume of rush has yearly decreased dramatically. 
It is because in the tatami business world the price competition is placed in prior to product quality and there is little consideration for the most important issue what tatami is the best for customers.  
We at Tatami Dojo reconsider a basically both "agriculture" and "Tatami culture", and are aimed at building network of tatami mat stores where the customers are pleased to say "tatami is awesome" and "it is fortunate to be Japanese. 

Tatami mat manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
・ We regularly visit tatami production areas and see the material actually with our eyes and touch with our hands actually to purchase domestic genuine tatami mat. We learn rush growth process and production process of tatami mat from local farm producers. We believe it is necessary to understand the state of production area and all aspects of rush first.
・ We manufacture handsewn tatami, which is rare these days. We dedicated one to Aoiaso Shrine,  a national treasure in Hitoyosi city, last year. We are supposed to dedicate handsewn tatami to Honmyoji temple in Kumamoto city in 2013 again.
Through events like this, we are committed to technology improvement as tatami manufacturers.

[Representative's message]
We accumulated considerable experiences through collecting information on overseas expansion and developing human network in 2013, and have got a very good provision. We are certain that tatami is significant as one of theJapanese cultures. To succeed tatami culture in Japan, we present advantages of tatami to Japanese once again on the basis of good feedback from overseas.
 In addition, we create new Tatami Culture which matches contemporary Japanese life style, in collaboration with overseas cultures. We expect that it will lead to the presentation of other Japanese culture and the expansion of tourism to Japan.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
3 staff members with practical operation experience will handle transactions. Two people of them have experiences of working overseas. We will recruit one more employee within the next fiscal year. Besides, we will make the most of  network that we have ever established. 

[Awards and media coverage]
Encouraging Prize of Yamagata Excellent Design
Furniture Shimbun (March 6th, 2013); Yamagata Shimbun (May 14th, 2012); Town magazine of Yokohama"urban plans"(May 14th, 2012); "SHOTENKENCHIKU"(August issue, 2012)
(magazine for store design, interior, commercial architecture) 

certificated agriculture-commerce-industry cooperation projects

This company is recommended by the following support organizations.

Tohoku Head Office, SMRJ

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