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Latest update: 30/05/2017 17:53:28


We develop applications through the fusion of science and manufacturing technology.

Our company manufactures a multitude of parts and components for optical disk drives, communication devices, automobiles, and cameras. We also offer vacuum-formed trays, die design and production, and plastic lenses. We have developed plastic lenses for mobile phones with a molding precision of 10 nanometers. We are currently focusing our energies on jointly developing applications that make use of spatially imaged iris-plane displays.


[Product description] Our company specializes in manufacturing precision parts, and especially electronic parts and optical lenses. We recently began manufacturing components with both autofocusing and image stabilization functions that are used in smartphones and tablets. We manufacture imaging lenses for digital cameras. Our optical aspherical lenses are fabricated with a surface accuracy on the order of 0.1 microns. Our company is also involved in manufacturing automotive parts and components. Automotive parts and components involve a higher level of difficulty than electronic components because they are directly responsible for the safety of human lives. In addition, we started putting energy into partnerships with universities at the start of the 2000s. We are now working to develop a communication tool to assist the victims of the Great East Japan earthquake. We plan to expand this product to business applications as well. [Market share/Ranking] We were the world’s No. 1 producer of carriages for floppy disk drives. We now have a share of approximately 12% of the global market for autofocus components used in smartphone cameras. [Authorization/Certification] Acquired ISO 9001 and ISO 1400 certification. Government certification of specific R&D business plans. [Intellectual property] Japanese Patent No. 3425385. [Major facilities and equipment] Plastic molding equipment; aspheric surface fabricators (Fujikoshi and Precitech); laser interferometers (Fujinon); eccentricity measurement instruments (Trioptics); ultra-precision profile measurement instruments (Taylor Hobson); 3D coordinate measuring machines (Tokyo Seimitsu); non-contact 3D measurement equipment (Nikon); Nomarski microscopes (Nikon); auto-collimators; roundness measurement instruments; measuring microscopes.


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