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Latest update: 06/12/2016 14:35:55

Scom Co. Ltd.

We are expanding our business of private power generators attached to pressing machines.

Installing electrical and communications equipment is our main line of business. We developed a private power generator PPG power generation system using the electrical techniques we accumulated in installing base stations for mobile phones and replacing radio equipment. This system is attached to a pressing machine at a factory. It generates 4 kWh of electrical power by converting the vertical motion of the press into rotation. We make proposals for reducing CO2 emissions and suppressing energy costs. We deliver this system to automotive and construction factories. We have overseas expansion in mind.


[Product description] Our PPG power generation system taps excess energy from the pressing machines that operate day and night at automobile production and other factories and uses it for power generation. The generated power is recycled in the factory. This contributes to energy conservation by reducing power costs and environmentally harmful CO2 emissions. The sliding parts of a pressing machine that moves vertically are used to drive hydraulic cylinders secured on the machine itself. Our PPG power generation system generates electrical power from the pressure energy. This system can generate power more efficiently than renewable energies such as solar, wind, or hydraulic power that are affected by weather. [Market share/Ranking] No similar products. [Intellectual property] Reciprocating Power Generator (Japanese Patent Application No.2013-118376).


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