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Latest update: 06/12/2016 14:35:48

Koutokumachine Co., Ltd.

We excel in processing thick plates up to 10 mm in thickness. We can change the processing method upon request.

We are a forming business. We mainly produce automobile component parts, as well as other parts for two-wheeled vehicles, construction machines, tractors, and general purpose products. We have presses up to UL 600 tons, and can deal with processing thick plates up to 100 mm thick. We have attained thin washer (inner diameter gear) production tolerance within a tolerance of 0.025. 

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[Company strength]
We excel in processing thick plates, and we have multiple presses up to UL 600 tons.
We can process plates up to 10 mm thick, so we can accept orders for machining changes. This includes changing from cutting or forging to forming. We produce automobile parts, including many brake parts. We have a long history as a maker of critical safety parts.

[Business description]
This is our 47th year in the metal forming business. We manly produce automobile component parts, in addition to other parts for two-wheeled vehicles, construction machines, tractors, machine tools, and general-purpose products. Our in-house production system can cover post-processing up to mass finishing after the metal forming process. Subsequent processes such as secondary polishing, heat treatment, and plating are consigned to outsourcing. 

Metal forming

[Strength of products/technologies]
Automobile parts are our main products. Most of these are regarded as critical safety parts, so we are confident about their quality. We employ ironing, crushing, and other technologies beyond the boundary of metal forming. Progressive working is one of our strengths. We can also supply products in the form of finished products with added value. We manage thin washer production (inner diameter gear) tolerance within a tolerance of 0.025. 

[Representative's message]
Our company was founded jointly by the former president and the current president in 1967. We shifted from our initial focus on the production of keys, and we have been in our present metal forming business for many years. The recent trend of offshoring among major manufacturers has been negatively affecting us. We are working hard to respond to the guidance and requests of our customers to secure a certain volume of orders. 
QCD has been one of our main focuses since the company was founded. We plan to operate an additional QCD program mainly to further reinforce QCD, and technological improvement and succession. This is to further enhance customer satisfaction. We are committed to technological innovation through out-of-box thinking in an effort to find new sales channels. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
The president and senior directors will respond to potential customers. Staff in charge of technical matters and product quality will provide service in good faith for customer inquiries. Both staff in charge of technical matters and sales representatives respond to general questions and proposals. They may visit the customer’s site whenever necessary. 

[Awards and media coverage]
VA proposal commendation by Hitachi AMS (formerly Tokico) (1992, 1993, 1995, 2000).
Commendation for partnership in enhancing productivity by Hitachi AMS (formerly Tokico) (2004).

UHF Television Yamanashi (2008).

[Joint research and development]
Joint development of holeless brake pads with a major bike pad maker. 

[Factory (domestic)]

[Other sites]
Headquarters, Yamanashi

[Transaction form]
Prototype development for mass production, joint development, joint technology development.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Hitachi AMS (since 1970, brakes and suspensions), Topy Fasteners (since 2001, transmissions), Tokai Carbon (since 1980, pads for two-wheeled vehicles and clutches for construction machines), Tungaloy (since 1988, pads for two-wheeled vehicles and clutches for construction machines). 

[Exhibition History/Information]
Yamatashi Techno ICT Messe 2013, Yamatashi Techno ICT Messe 2014 (scheduled), and another exhibition in 2014 for a VEC project with Hitachi AMS (scheduled). 

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