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Hatori Vantec

We offer short-term, low-cost delivery using vacuum casting with silicon-rubber molds.

We manufacture various trial models of automotive and plastic products for new product development. In the automotive field we model exteriors and interiors for restyling, and manufacture pressed parts and inspection jigs. In the plastics field we can manufacture many parts in a short time by machining with machine tools, bonding, and vacuum casting in silicon-rubber molds.

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[Company strength]
Our company was established as Hatori Mokei in 1945, immediately after Second World War. We have been engaged in product development for customers as a trial production manufacturer ever since, for over 68 years. We have been helping customers develop new products by fully considering their thoughts, concepts, and intentions about products. Our modeling technology gives shape to products created by customers. We have been brushing up our modeling technology by implementing various technologies and cutting-edge machine tools we have experienced. This is done based on the modeling know-how we have acquired through pattern making. We meet customer requests with a wealth of creativity foreseeing the next age.

[Business description]
We create trial models for product development. We mainly manufacture various automotive models (including inspection jigs) and trial plastic models. We also modify or alter existing products and experimentally manufacture products in small lots to flexibly meet customer requests.

Industrial model manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
We create models with excellent design, functionality, and durability. We offer products from models as large as life-size automobiles to as small as plastic gears. In the automotive field we model interiors and exteriors for restyling and manufacture inspection jigs for pressed parts.  In the plastics field we manufacture many parts in a short time by machining with machine tools, bonding, and vacuum casting in silicon-rubber molds. We meet customer requests with our flexible system for product modifications or alterations or for sudden changes of specifications.

[Representative's message]
We have been totally devoted to manufacturing from our foundation to the present day as a manufacturer for trial production. I succeeded to the company from the former president in 1990 and have been strengthening our facilities and organization. We are now modeling new products for development mainly in the automotive and gaming industries. We will provide more pleasing products to customers by further brushing up the technologies we have accumulated so far. We have also developed a baseball fielding practice machine with the support of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. We also plan to market this product outside Japan to please overseas customers.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our department managers are in charge of support for major companies and new customers from technical consulting, including quotations. They will directly visit the customer to solve issues. The president takes charge of support for new customers. We will increase our staff for overseas customers when necessary. This will be done to provide sincere and careful support.

[Awards and media coverage]
One Company One Technology, Gunma Prefecture (FY2001); Mold Meister selection, two staff members (FY2013).

TV Tokyo, "World Business Satellite – Torendo Tamago" ("Hitting-type batting machine for fielding practice," March 12, 2009).

ISO 9001 and New Partnerships.

[Joint research and development]
Gunma University and Gunma Industrial Technology Center of Gunma Prefecture (development of hitting-type batting machine for fielding practice, 2009 until 2013).

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Fuji Heavy Industries, Kanto Auto Works, Toa Industries (preparatory works for automobile development), SANKYO, Sanden, Mitsubishi Electric Home Appliance, Sanyo Electric, Tokyo Seisakusho, Fuji Kiko, etc. (resin processing).

[Exhibition History/Information]
SPORTEC 2010; Collabo Saitama 2011; SPORTEC 2011.

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