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Latest update: 27/10/2017 14:13:00

Reif Co., Ltd.

Developed a “sphere driving module” with omnidirectional driving capabilities.

We design, develop, and fabricate robots and special machines.  We also manufacture medical equipment.  With our know-how and technologies of sphere control,  we have  commercialized a “sphere driving module,” which has integrated the sphere and the drive unit .  The product is now used for wheels of carrying carts  and other purposes.  In the medical care/rehabilitation fields,  we have commercialized a “foot pressure measurement device.” The device is used in developing guidelines for walking exercises.


[Product description] The “sphere driving modules” are an integrated unit of the ball and the drive unit. Having these at two to four locations in a carrier enables it to handle omnidirectional driving. The module structure is simple, therefore there is no need to change the transfer level (height) for loading or unloading. No hoist gear or slewing gear is required, either. Using the sphere driving modules as wheels of a carrying cart enables omnidirectional movement such as turning on the spot , and thereby giving more mobility to the cart, which is particularly useful in plants with narrow passages where workers are working on the floor.

[Product description] This product enables users to easily check their foot pressure during walking exercise for rehabilitation. The users can see whether their weight is on their feet evenly, and check where to place their next step with their eyes (on the screen) and ears (by sound signals.) This product can be introduced without difficulty into existing rehabilitation processes, since users start using it by simply inserting a special insole into their shoes. [Authorization/Certification] Medical equipment manufacturing license Third-class medical equipment marketing authorization holders


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