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Latest update: 06/12/2016 14:35:11

EKUTOM Co., Ltd.

We manufacture molding dies for MIM products which have a density of 95% or more.

We manufacture molding dies for plastic and MIM (Metal injection molding) products. Our MIM can manufacture products that have high precision and low shrinkage (density: 95% or more) using original compound. We have group companies in Tokyo, China, and Vietnam. 


[Product description] Comparison with conventional MIM products: 1) Our new MIM has a higher density of 98%; 2) It achieves functionality enhancement (higher hardness , 20% increase in wear resistance); 3) It reduces shrinkage rate by 5%; 4) It can expect a lower error of dimensional accuracy (0.5% or lower) . The expected effects: Secondary cutting processing is unnecessary due to parts accuracy improved; Secondary treatment can be reduced due to higher performance. [Market share/Ranking] MIM manufacturing: 13th in Japan [Intellectual property] Manufacturing method of metal sintered compact and the metal sintered compact (Application No. 2013-12628) [Major facilities and equipment] 2D CAD EXCESS-PLUS ; 3D CAD NEOSolid & TOPSolid; NC Jig borer YBM640V ; NC engraving electrical discharge machine AQ35L; Linear motor NC wire electrical discharge machine ROBOCUTα-C400iA ; Injection molding machine NN-180H, NN-50MI ; Vacuum degreasing and sintering furnace WHSgr40/40/100-M; Pressurized kneader DS0.5-3-GHB-E ; Electronic scale FX-200i ; Electronic hydrometer MD-200S ; Tool microscope tmm-130E.

[Product description] Product and design of the mold for MIM and plastic injection Prototyping and mass production of MIM and plastic injection We have a base in China and Vitnam, can accommodate up to mass production design from within our group. Since perform an integrated production within the group, we can observe the secret of our customers.