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Optical Saccharimeter that can measure sugar contents of fruits in a few seconds

We are a manufacturer of power distribution unit s, control panels,  monitoring panel s, and power distribution frames.  We excel in design and manufacture of control and power-distribution systems related to power generation with natural energy sources as well as environmental conservation systems.  Our handheld optical saccharimeter "AMAMIR"can measure sugar contents of fruits in a few seconds, which has earned a good reputation as a useful item for next-generation farming management.

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[Company strength]
We provide  our engineering expertise  and total solutions for clients' problems in the areas of control and electricity-distribution systems via our integrated production system and reliable software technologies.  We are capable of handling all processes - including planning, design, sheet metal , coating (cationic electrodeposition,)  assembly, and inspection, and through these processes we not only manufacture products but also create innovate demands.  We help clients reduce cost, funds, risk,  and time, as well as support them in improving their profitability and gaining competitive advantage.  We always consider how to achieve these, which helps us deepen our understanding of clients.  This is an organizational power of our company. 

[Business description]
- Electrical machinery (manufacturing and sale of power distribution units,  control panels, monitoring panels,  and power distribution frames)
- All business incidental to general construction business (electrical work)
- Production and sale of

Manufacture of electrical machinery  equipment and supplies

[Strength of products/technologies]
We excel in power-distribution instrumentation controls and engineering capabilities integrated with the field of information solution.  We can also respond to latest demands for smart grids through our proposals on total solutions.  We can design and manufacture a wide variety of control power-distribution systems, including data center systems (such as PDU  PDF  etc.), energy conservation systems (such as wind power,  sunlight,  and biomass for BEMS , micro grid control  etc.), and environmental conservation systems (such as water processing and industrial waste processing ), and facility systems (such as those for offices , factories,  hospitals  etc.).  Our  handy-type optical saccharimeter "AMAMIR" is a tester to measure sugar contents of fruits in a few seconds  and is highly evaluated as an item of next-generation farming.

[Representative's message]
Our late founder came back to his home town Aomori after the WW2 from Manchuria and set up an electricity work business.  In 1951, he started wholesale of electronic materials under the corporate philosophy 'enthusiasm and sincerity', and successfully expanded the company with continuous efforts, collecting materials of electric equipment from Tokyo, Nagoya, and Kansai areas and supplying them to Aomori.  In 1965, he saw prospects in power distributing boards, which is a major material of electric equipment, and set up Towa Electric Material Supply & Co.  Ltd. Hirosaki Factory, which became independent under the name Towa Electric Industry Co.  Ltd. in 1973.  This is the origin of our company, and since then, we have mainly produced power distributing boards under our own bland TOWA.  We have sent some of our technical sales reps to Towa Electric Material Supply to better understand customer needs, and expanded our sales areas to all the Tohoku and Tokyo regions.  Now 50% of our sales come from these regions.  In 2001, we moved our aged Hirosaki Factory together with the headquarters to the current location (Fujisaki cho) for better efficiency and larger production capability.  We are currently capitalized at 100 million yen, with annual sales of approximately 4 billion yen and 360 employees.  We have strengthened inter-company cooperation with Towa Electric Material Supply and other group companies (Akita Towa Electric Material, Coresis, and Tohoku Dengyo) and formed the Towa Group (total annual sales 23 billion yen and 600 employees), working together for imaginative cohabitation with the regional environment. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Staff members in our Engineering Division and Create Division will respond to client inquiries about our total solution for engineering issues (from software to hardware) as well as nondestructive quality measurement.  They will make customer visits whenever necessary to solve customer problems.

[Market share/Ranking]
As a custom-made control & distribution system manufacturer  Sales Ranking: 7th (2011 ※ except major heavy electric manufacturers); Optical-sensor saccharimeter "AMAMIR" for nondestructive portable use  Sale Performance: Highly Ranked.

[Awards and media coverage]
[Awards] 300 of Japan's Vibrant Monozukuri (Manufacturing) SMEs (2009);  
[Media] "Goro Yamada’s Waza-ari Nippon"  provincial newspaper 12 alliance project (Oct 2012); "Once Aomori - Aomori charming companies - …" produced by FM Aomori (2013)

[Joint research and development]
Hirosaki University (study of correlation between the chemical analysis of Glico albumin level and the NIR analysis value: 2006); Aomori Industrial Technology Development Center (development of a solar-using low cost factory for plants adaptive to cold districts: 2010-2011).

[Factory (domestic)]
Aomori factory (Aomori prefecture), Saitama factory (Saitama prefecture)

[Factory (overseas)]

[Other sites]
Tokyo Branch Office (Tokyo), Engineering Division Building Systems Department (Saitama prefecture), Engineering Division Plant Systems Department (Aomori prefecture)

[Transaction form]
Solution engineering, consignment contracts, OEM contracts, and joint development

[Transaction terms]
Subject to our terms and conditions

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Shimizu Corporation,  Tokyo Energy & Systems Inc.,  Kandenko,  Kinden , Kodensha , Toko Electrical Construction Co.  Ltd.,  Kyowa Exeo Corporation , and Ebara Densan

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
We have a good record with overseas companies through Japanese plant manufacturers and trading companies.

[Exhibition History/Information]
42nd Internepcon Japan

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