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Latest update: 06/12/2016 14:34:43

Marine Comms Ryukyu Inc.

We have developed underwater visible light communication technologies using a visible light communication technique

Visible light communication technologies that use light visible to the human eye have been developed in Japan. Our “i-MAJYUN” is the first commercialized product that applies the visible light communication technologies to underwater use.  This product has enabled conversations underwater using light.  Products using sound wave and ultrasonic wave have been available in markets, but this product has distinctive advantages.  This product gets less affected by tidal currents because it does not use water as a medium.  This allows communication between those onboard ship and those underwater.

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[Company strength]
We are a small company, but with our original aim, innovation, in mind, we are keen on learning and agility.  Water temperatures around Okinawa, our base prefecture, are around 20 ℃ year-round, which enable us to conduct various experiments throughout the year.  In performing experiments and developments, we collaborate with local groups engaged in diving, therefore we can easily perform experiments in various marine environments and depths, and make arrangements which include ships.

[Business description]
Visible light communication technologies, which use light visible to the human eye, have been developed in Japan.  We have commercialized the first and only product that applies these technologies to underwater use.  Japan is a technological superpower and at the same time a maritime nation with the 6th largest exclusive economic water zone.  As a young company founded in 2011, we are engaged in research development, manufacturing, and sales in the areas of marine technologies, particularly underwater visible light communication technologies.  We aim to lead the world and contribute to society in these areas, with cutting-edge technologies and maritime nations in mind.  


[Strength of products/technologies]
Our “I-MAJUN” is underwater equipment which enables underwater conversation using light.  Divers' voices are captured by a special microphone embedded in a specially-designed underwater mask, and sent to the receiver with the light from an LED-based underwater lamp.  This equipment then reproduces the conversation through the voice data from the transmitted light. Products using sound or ultrasonic waves are already available as underwater radio communication equipment but, but this product has distinctive advantages.  This product gets less affected by tidal currents because it does not use water as a medium.  This allows communication between those on ship (in the air) and those underwater.  We can handle joint research projects and offer customized items based on our technologies acquired through the development of I-MAJUN.

[Representative's message]
The name of our product i-MAJUN is derived from dialect of the Okinawa region, meaning “together” or “join”.  A local middle school student named this.  This word sounds close to the English word and also the title of John Lennon's famous song 'imagine', which may give a familiar feeling to overseas customers.  In developing this product, we have faced and overcome as a team various challenges, not only those with communication technologies but also waterproof and pressure-resistance technologies.  We are aiming to sell more of the equipment, and at the same time seek a new form of collaborative partnerships using our accumulated technologies and joint development projects as a way to expand our distribution channels.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We assemble and inspect for delivery parts such as electronic circuit boards and housings on our premises in cooperation with domestic manufacturers.  We are making constant improvement efforts in the processes from assembly to inspection, through activities with QCD in mind.  For shipment, we have internal rules on trade control and management structure in place.  We will further discuss with major clients how to avoid any issue arising from geographical distances, and improve our system for documents digitalization and efficiency. 

[Awards and media coverage]
[Awards] Kohatsu fund manufacturing entrepreneurship award (2013) 
[Media] TV program: 15 times newspaper: 7 times magazine: 5 times

[Joint research and development]
 Six joint researches with one construction company, one university, Okinawa Prefecture,the Cabinet Office, etc. 

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
One construction company and one consulting company

[Exhibition History/Information]
Marine-related Exhibitions - domestic: 1 time, Trade fair: 7 times, Marine-related Exhibitions - overseas: 2 times, Marine-related Exhibitions - domestic (planned), Trade fair (planned), and Marine-related one overseas (planned)

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