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We have developed the locking-coat process ”Alock.” 

We have many original products such as carrier machines,  vertical carriers,  and iron powder removal equipment, all of which utilize magnets.  The locking-coat process for screws called “Alock” has a 30 year history and has earned a strong reputation from users.  We are also eager to develop new businesses under our motto “Useful products for society.” We are developing hot-air equipment using IH now, and intend to expand to the agriculture field  with plastic greenhouses and cultivation of strawberries and tomatoes

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[Company strength]
We were founded in 1939  and have deep expertise, know-how, and technologies as an equipment maker.  We are capable of making proposals for reducing costs,  and designing and manufacturing depending on customer needs.  We aim to achieve high performance and low cost throughout our manufacturing activities. Our “Alok” is the first locking-coat process of nylon patch-type in Japan,  and has a 31-year history in the market.  We can process screws from 1 mm to 24 mm in size with quick delivery (within 7 working days after receiving screws).  We can also add locking processing to existing screws.

[Business description]
We have 2 main businesses: (1) Machine business division designs and manufactures manufacturing equipment for saving labor, as well as industrial machines to improve production lines, and (2) Alok business division provides locking-coat processing called ”Alok” and the process for capturing chips  “Tack N Ace”, and other surface treatment with resin.

Manufacturer of machines and equipment for general purposes  n.e.c

[Strength of products/technologies]
Most of our best-selling original products, including carrier machines (like vertical carriers) with magnet  and iron powder removers, can be used for general purposes.  These products can be customized (sizes  etc.) depending on customer needs, too.  As for customized products,  we achieve customer needs as much as possible.  Our locking-coat process “Alok” is safe,  reliable,  and reasonable, with a long duration of use.  It is particularly useful for the parts that require maintenance and locking effects.  The process for capturing chips “Tack N Ace” contributes to enhancing reliability of electronic devices and production efficiency by capturing cutting chips generated when self-tapping screws are screwed in. 

[Representative's message]
We have accumulated expertise, know-how, and technologies under our motto  “Useful products for society”.  We now intend to start a new business based on these strengths  with financial support from the Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program.  Specifically, we are developing hot-air equipment using IH , and we also intend to expand into the agriculture field, including plastic greenhouses and cultivation of strawberries and tomatoes.  We consider developing other markets and sales channels.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have 3 sales engineers in our sales department, who are in charge of responding to major domestic and overseas companies.  Some staff members in our design department and manufacturing department support them whenever necessary.  As for new business development , the director of our development group is responsible for organizing the project team that responds to customers. 

[Market share/Ranking]
Locking-coat process of nylon patch-type “Alok”: 40% (in Japan) 

[Awards and media coverage]
[Media] Nihon Keizai Shimbun (February 26  2013: Evolution of Agriculture  the Chubu region)  THE MID-JAPAN ECONOMIST (October 18  2013   “Development of Tomorrow”; August 16  2012  “Development of Vertical Carrier Machines”; July 6  2012  “Entry for Agriculture field by original IH”)

Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program (Bonding of components) in FY 2009. 
Monozukuri product development subsidy for SMEs (Machines for general purposes) in FY 2009.
Support Fund for Small Businesses in Aichi (New business)   in FY 2012 

[Factory (domestic)]
Headquarters’ plant (Minami-district, Nagoya-prefecture)

[Other sites]
Headquarters (Minami-district, Nagoya-prefecture) 

[Transaction form]
Joint development, consigned processing, and sale of machines

[Transaction terms]
Subject to our terms and conditions

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Aoyama Seisakusho Co.  Ltd. , Iwata Bolt Co.  LTD. , OILES CORPORATION,  Ohashi Technica  Inc.,  KTX Corporation , TECHNO ASSOCIE CO.  LTD. , TOAGOSEI CO.  LTD. , Nabtesco Corporation,  Yamato Scientific Co.  Ltd. , and others 

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
N/A (Note: many overseas customers use our products through our business partners in Japan)  

[Exhibition History/Information]
Exhibition of base technologies of manufacturers in the Chubu region in 2013/2014  TECH Biz EXPO in 2012/2013  MESSE NAGOYA in 2012/2013

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