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Latest update: 06/12/2016 14:34:14

ELCOM Co., Ltd.

Device manufacturer displaying a strong presence in niche markets

We develop unique technologies for niche markets that are difficult for major manufacturers to enter. Our main line of business is to manufacture and sell car park related equipment and snow melting equipment as well as environmental equipment. Our unique automatic waste compactor, PREMO can be used anywhere. All it requires is a 100V power supply, and it needs almost no maintenance. Our snow melting equipment for multi-story parking systems has a market share of 95% in Hokkaido. We have customers in Japan and abroad, and we have acquired several patents.


[Product description] ◆Unique feature◆ PREMO reduces the volume of waste and ensures great deal of saving on waste disposal cost, as well as savings valuable space and keeping clean and hygiene. With easy & quiet operation and high standard of safety, this budget-friendly PREMO resolve waste problems in daily business! ◆Concept◆ PREMO`s basic concept is SMALL, EASY and SAFE. Anyone can operate PREMO easily and safety. Built-in door sensor and safety functions ensure the operator`s safety. PREMO will stop automatically when you open the door accidentally during compaction. ◆Introduction◆ It is compact enough to be put in food court or on floor in buildings, completely different from conventional installation type waste compactors. Despite of its compact size, it can reduce the volume of waste up to 1/5 enabling amortization within 1 year. We offer 100V200W, 400W and 750W powerful compressing type as well. PREMO has been installed in wide range of business scene such as in Hospitals, Hotels, or any other commercial facilities. [Authorization/Certification] Automatic waste compactor PREMO has been certificated as "NORTHERN BRAND" by Sapporo chamber of commerce and industry every year since 2008, and won "GOLD AWARD" in 2015 as regional representing product with strong evaluations from markets. [Intellectual property] Automatic waste compactor PREMO has been in market since 2005 and it celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. PREMO`s basic concept is SMALL, EASY and SAFE. After years of development, PREMO`s unique patented motor chain-drive made it possible to produce SMALL, EASY and SAFE waste compactor!

[Product description] ◆Unique feature◆ STYROS has adopted unique EPS reducing method, which polystyrene being compressed with screw press,softened and degassed by friction heat. No polystyrene being melted in the process, therefore no unpleasant burnt smell will be generated. STYROS reduces EPS volume without deteriorating by heat and the compressed materials can be recycled. Simple structure and fewer parts make it easy to maintain. ◆Resolve the unpleasant smell generated on site◆ STYROS operates in low nose level and reduces EPS (styroform) volume without generating unplesant burnt smell, that enable operators to work comfortably. ◆Low price but highly efficient◆ STYROS BUOY has capacity of 100kg/h with consecutive processing in high speed. Competitive priced but highly efficient. ◆Compact design◆ STYROS is designed to fit where space is limited and can be moved easily with wheel casters. ◆Reduce maintenance and running costs ◆ STYROS runs on less Electricity. Electricity will be cut down up to 80% compared with conventional heat or solvent EPS compactor. Simple design and fewer parts make it to easy to maintain. ◆Compressed EPS material can be recycled!◆ STYROS runs below the temperature of hermal decomposition without degrading moleculars. EPS materials can be recycled as new global resources. [Authorization/Certification] Northern Brand 2009-2015

[Product description] ◆Just like sunlight!◆ TOKERMO uses ceramic coated halogen lamps. By reflecting far-infrared radiation from the lamps, it can melt and clear snow like natural sun light. ◆Pinpoint & Save energy!◆ From the day of installation, it will work smartly clearing snow along the path in front of building or garage. Thanks to the snow sensor, it works automatically when it need to work. TOKERMO ensures pinpoint treatment on necessary areas, it will relatively reduce power consumption to save energy. ◆No level gap formed!◆ Just like sunlight, TOKERMO will work on melting and clearing snow by reflecting far-infrared radiation. The far-infrared radiation gradually decreased towards the outer edge, no level gaps will form on the ground. It will ensure smooth car parking and protect your vehicle from gaps formed by snow or ice. ◆Easy installation!◆ TOKERMO can be installed easily and quickly. It needs no hassle such as roadbed or plumbing works. It can installed directly onto the wall of building or installed on self-standing pole. ◆Low running costs!◆ Electricity expense will approx. ¥42,000* for one winter season (4 months) using optional snow sensor. Running cost per 1㎡ is almost same as the electric road heating system but lower than one using kerosene .  ◆Easy maintenance!◆ Ensuring long-lasting lamp and long-term durability performance is approx.3,000 hours※ per lamp. NOTES:600 hours/season using specific power supply for snow-melting. NOTE:The performance figures could vary on different environments.

[Product description] PALETTE HEATING SYSTEM ensures melting snow and ice on the upper deck of parking lot and securing the safety of car parking during winter. PALETTE HEATING SYSTEM can resolve the winter problems such as hassle on snow removing, hazardous icy surface on parking lot. PALETTE HEATING SYSTEM operates by electricity.