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Latest update: 06/12/2016 14:34:04


Developing magnetic “Non-Contact Power Transmission Devices” with low volume vibration-controlled operation.

Based in the precision manufacturing techniques we cultivated through metal pattern production, we are now developing products which make use of magnetic technology. Our magnetic non-contact power transmission device features reduced noise and vibration compared to existing models, and does not require any grease up, enabling it to be used for applying power at a variety of amplitudes and eccentricities.


[Product description] Because the screw elements are constructed with non-contact technology, transportation can be carried out without any dust, oil, or heat produced. In addition, joint usage with Prospine coupling or miter gears can make transport even cleaner still. Also, because there's no need for wiring as with traditional linear motors, length of paths is limitless with just the establishment of transfer elements. This in turn helps lower cost for machinery as a whole. [Market share/Ranking] Share: 100% (product patented by this company) [Authorization/Certification] ISO9001 certification (4/2005), ISO14001 certification (7/2006) [Intellectual property] Patent #4870595, Patent #4870594

[Product description] This is a mixer device with magnet coupling technology. With traditional mixer devices, transmitting power through walls requires first opening a hole, then adding sealing. When using magnetic coupling however, as long as the wall or barrier is made from a non-magnetic material (such as glass, acrylic, aluminum, or stainless steel), the magnetic force will pass through the wall and be transmitted to objects on the other side. Setting up and breaking down this device is also a simple process, so these operations are not time consuming. [Authorization/Certification] ISO9001 certification (4/2005), ISO14001 certification (7/2006)

[Product description] This product makes use of a material called hysteresis to create a brake powered by electromagnetic technology. Using this system, it provides stable breaking power independent of the number of revolutions. Also, because both the rotational and the load-bearing elements are designed with non-contact structures, it both has a long working and a very low rate of deterioration over time. Braking force is regulated by incoming electric current, resulting in a responsive and easy-to-manage breaking system. [Authorization/Certification] ISO9001 certification (4/2005), ISO14001 certification (7/2006)