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APT Co., Ltd.

We have a lot of experience of processing difficult-to-cut materials, such as "KM38". As we have been equipped with a line for lathe, we also have a lot of experience of processing small-diameter shafts.

It has been over 40 years since our establishment. We have been dealing with precise turnery part processing. We have been equipped with a mass production line of cam-type lathes (18 units) and a small-lot line of composite NC automatic lathes (33 units). Thus, we can deal with productions from a small quantity to a mass production. Furthermore, we are dealing with fast delivery, difficult-to-cut materials and mass production projects.

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[Company strength]
As we have a mass production line of cam-type lathes (18 units) and a small-lot line of composite NC automatic lathes (33 units), we can deal with productions from a small quantity to a mass production. • Quick delivery is possible since we have a large amount of equipment. • We can also deal with difficult-to-cut materials. We have a good processing experience of KM38. ・Design development using in-house equipment is available. We can deal with projects, such as mass production, through the development of specified mass-production machines.

[Business description]
We are good at precise turnery part processing. We have been engaging in the production for over 40 years since our establishment. We have a consistent system from procurement of materials to commercialization of products based on the customers' requests, including cutting processing using an automatic lathe, secondary processing using a specific machine for secondary processing which has been developed in-house, grinding and various plating. Our system can satisfy our customers in terms of quality, delivery period, cost, service and speed.

Precise turnery part manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
We are dealing with SUM material in-feed grinding at below Ra0.3 (140,000 units × 2 locations / month) . ・We have knowledge to provide knurled rolling to small-diameter shafts with stable quality. ・By using our special secondary processing machines that have been developed by our Company, it is possible to perform D cut simultaneous processing and deep slit processing (width about 2 × L27).

[Representative's message]
Our Company was founded in 1972. We have been mainly involved in subcontract production of shafts using rotary switches through lathe processing technology. Since the beginning of Heisei (1989), we have mainly been in involved in processing of shafts related to office equipment through the application of our existing technology. In recent years, we have been dealing with different fields, including automobile parts, industrial equipment parts and processing of difficult-to-cut materials. We have also broadened our business capacities. In addition, we have also been focusing on research and development to fulfill mass production and processing of difficult-to-cut materials using ultrasonic cutting, in cooperation with universities and technical colleges. We will enhance our technical capabilities further. We would like to contribute to industries in which safety, reliability and high quality are required. We will expand our Company overseas, particularly in Asia.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
The Managing Director is responsible for dealing with new inquiries in the Sales Department, where they thoroughly focus on manufacturing high-precision manufacturing and quality control both at the headquarters and factory in Miyagi Prefecture (ISO9001 certified). Our manufacturing technology sector will deal with technical issues. The president and other employees under the entire organizational structure have built a relationship of mutual trust with our customers. We are working hard to obtain repeat orders and new customers.

[Awards and media coverage]
2003: Incentive Award of the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare (safety)

[Joint research and development]
Nagaoka University of Technology, Ichinoseki National College of Technology (2013-2014: Application for electromagnetic stainless steel processing and establishment of commercialization technology of ultrasonic cutting method with supercritical speed)

[Factory (domestic)]
Main factory

[Transaction form]
Prototype development orders, processing on consignment, joint development

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Ricoh Industry Company, Ltd. Tohoku branch, other major OA roller manufacturers, auto parts manufacturers

[Exhibition History/Information]
OSAKI Industry Fair 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

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