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Latest update: 04/11/2021 10:53:57


Succeeded in an original algorithm development in image processing system

Expanding the development of image processing, measurement and testing system for all kinds of customers such as manufacturers and others. In addition, our original technology of "inflection line matching algorithm", which is filed in patent, was developed and the automation for visual inspection of fine unevenness and detection of a paint coat particle, was achieved.


Surface defect detector 【SSMM-1R】 irradiates products that reflect light, such as painted products and plated products, with a slit pattern that is displayed on a high-brightness monitor and shifts at regular intervals. This is an inspection unit that emphasizes and detects defects by using a unique image processing algorithm for photographs taken in accordance with the slit shift.In addition, this product includes a set of lighting, camera, and mounting members, eliminating the need for optical selection, which is a problem in image processing inspection. [Performance specifications] ・Add up to 3 cameras ・System construction using the programming language C # is possible ・Continuous automatic inspection and judgment processing can be added ・Defect detection of diameter 0.1mm / depth 0.0005mm (0.5μm) ・Possible to detect defects in inspection objects with curved surfaces [Intellectual property right] ・Utility model 2015-001216

[Product description] This algorithm emphasizes the uneven parts in the direction and the space between the curves in an images as its feature. It is characterized that the image was obtained by focusing on the light-emitting surface with a slit of the lighting equipment to irradiate, by utilizing the regular reflection from the paintwork and mirror surface, and the detection of the defect by the image processing is possible, by letting a crooked part of the defect appear by this algorithm. You should be able to utilize for the construction of appearance inspection system of the defect such as A gradual unevenness and a sharp unevenness including a paint coat particle, a stain, a dust and a line flaw. Please inquire the evaluation kit for trial which we prepared. [Intellectual property] Surface inspection apparatus and surface inspection method ( Japan Patent No. 5182833)

[Product description] The inspection of whole surface area of spherical object is possible by this apparatus. It equips a rank judgement function output in ranks. Rather than simply OK/NG judgement. The automation of appearance inspection of spherical object which has been carried out by the visual inspection so far, and the stabilization of quality is possible.