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Latest update: 04/11/2021 10:53:57


Succeeded in an original algorithm development in image processing system

Expanding the development of image processing, measurement and testing system for all kinds of customers such as manufacturers and others. In addition, our original technology of "inflection line matching algorithm", which is filed in patent, was developed and the automation for visual inspection of fine unevenness and detection of a paint coat particle, was achieved.

Main image

Sales Pitch

Appearance inspection technology for objects having surfaces like glossy coated products and plated products (Surface defect inspection unit SSMM-1)
System outline
Our company uses image processing to inspect the appearance of objects having surfaces like glossy coated products and plated products.

Our SSMM-1 surface defect inspection unit uses unique image processing to detect flaws on the surfaces (mirrors) of glossy coated products or plated products that reflect light or transparent objects like glass.
・SSMM-1 surface defect inspection unit (Approved as utility model)
・Outline of Principle (Source: October 2015 issue of Image Lab issued by Japan Industrial Publishing)
Cases of use
We propose this product for the appearance of light-reflecting or transmitting surfaces.
Plated, glossy coated, and transparent items can be inspected efficiently.
Examples of objects: Plated items, glossy coated items, films, glass items, LCD panels, touch panels, etc.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company received two times of the adoption of "Supporting Industry Program" in the imaging system development, and succeeded in the development of original algorithm as the results of the adoption of the program. Its patent was acquired. Currently we start manufacture and industrialization and received a adoption in Monodzukuri small and medium enterprise and a subsidy program to support trial development by small enterprises. Our company has No.1 scale of the number of  LabVIEW developers in Tohoku region and can propose flexible suggestion for the solution of problem, from both sides of the software and the hardware.

[Business description]
Our company deals with the development of image processing system and measurement/testing system, based on two pillars of software and hardware contract development. We have been approved as a alliance partner of National Instruments Japan Corporation as the first case in Tohoku region. Although our main business is the system development for manufacturing industry, we have many business results of collaboration among industry, universities and government. And we develop the systems corresponding to the problems that the customers in great variety of types of industry have, based on the cross-sectional technical area and development system. In addition, we also sale the information appliance for visually impaired person, as a part of contribution to the region and to society.


[Strength of products/technologies]
The conventional industrial robot for the appearance inspection is superior in the detection capability to a flaw, a contamination and a defective, but it is present situation that the inspection of fine unevenness and paint coat particle is carried out by the viewing inspection by the person. By our technology, named "inflection line matching algorithm", which is filed in patent, the automation for visual inspection of fine unevenness and the detection of a paint coat particle, was achieved. It should be the solution to the issues in the visual inspection, such as the maintenance of quality standard and the manpower-saving and so on.

[Representative's message]
Our company advocates "the contribution to the society by the technology" in a business management philosophy and is challenging the newest technology to send new technology from Tohoku region. We are always thinking "how our technology can change and develop our society ?" and challenging the newest image processing technology in the collaboration with Tohoku University, to explore the tip of technology market evolving day by day.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
As described above, we have a lots of business results with domestic major manufacturers and the introduction results of the inspection machine to the foreign countries. Therefore, we established our business system to correspond sufficiently to business with major companies and the market development in the foreign countries in future.

[Awards and media coverage]
Japan Industrial Publishing Co.,Ltd., "Japan Plastics" monthly magazine, issued July 2013.

Adoption in NEDO program, Adoption in Supporting Industry Program. Adoption in Monodzukuri subsidy program.

[Joint research and development]
Tohoku University (noncontact power supply system), Tohoku University/Hachinohe technical college (stress corrosion disconnection detection system)

[Transaction form]
Contract trust development, dispatch development, trial manufacture development, joint development (Correspond is possible on a case-by-case basis.)

[Transaction terms]
According to our company's condition (customer condition is  possible by consultation which is required.)

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Alps Electric, NEC Tokin, Fuji Film digital techno, Kyocera crystal device, Nippon Paper Industries, Showa Denko HD Yamagata

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Johnson & Johnson, FUJIFILM Imaging Systems (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Showa Denko HD trace

[Exhibition History/Information]
Automotive Engineering Exposition in 2013, 2014 (planning), Internepcon Japan in 2013, Messe Nagoya in 2012 etc.

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