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Latest update: 06/12/2016 14:33:56

Izui Iron Works Co.,Ltd.

Our equipment is capable of making slurry ice from salt water with a 1% salinity concentration.

Our company sells slurry ice manufacturing equipment in addition to fishery machinery and deck machinery. Slurry ice can be made from low salinity concentration water, so it is widely used for various kinds of fish for retaining freshness. Our line haulers used for tuna longline fishing are widely used by many longliners for saving labor on the deck. 

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[Company strength]
Including our line haulers for tuna longline fishing, our fishery machinery has been installed in many tuna longliners, and received favorable responses from users. In addition, our company has a good track record in manufacturing fishery and deck winches, including our own brand products and OEM products. This has resulted in our earning a great deal of customer trust. Slurry ice manufacturing equipment is our new business. It was developed jointly with Kochi University of Technology as a part of industry-university collaboration. It is mainly used for retaining the freshness of seafood, and has gained considerable attention in the fishing industry. 

[Business description]
We manufacture and sell fishery machinery and deck machinery, as well as slurry ice manufacturing equipment, which is useful for retaining the freshness of seafood. Our company was established 90 years ago. Even since then we have been dedicated to enhancing our technologies in all aspects of operations, from design to manufacturing, under the motto of “Monozukuri craftsmanship from the user’s perspective.” 

Ship machinery manufacturing 

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our company has been dedicated to manufacturing and selling marine hydraulic machinery since its establishment. Our line haulers for tuna longline fishing are installed in many tuna longliners, both deep-sea and inshore. They have contributed to labor saving in severe on-deck operations around the world. Our deck machinery such as our winches are designed, manufactured, and sold entirely on our own. Our slurry ice manufacturing equipment is capable of making ice from salt water with a 1% salinity concentration, which was quite difficult before this product. Slurry ice used to be used mainly for large fish such as tuna. However, since this equipment made it possible to make ice from water with low salinity concentration, now it can be used with any fish for controlling freshness. 

[Representative's message]
Our company has contributed to labor saving in fishery producers since its establishment in 1923, as a fishery machinery manufacturer that is specialized in tuna long-liners. We will continue to enhance our technological strength in fishery machinery as well as various other ship machinery.
We have high expectations for our equipment for manufacturing slurry ice, which retains the freshness of seafood. Our slurry ice manufacturing equipment can control freshness at a lower temperature, without actually freezing the fish. This is because of our own unique technologies. We can make optimal proposals for the customer’s application and needs.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Inquiries for our fishery machinery, deck machinery, and slurry ice manufacturing equipment are handled by the corresponding sales departments. Our design department and manufacturing department will work on technical issues in a sincere manner. We welcome inquiries from potential customers. 

[Awards and media coverage]
Kochi Prefecture Local Industry Grand Prize: Monozukuri Partnership Grand Prize.

[Joint research and development]
Advanced Monozukuri craftsmanship technology research laboratory under the Kochi University of Technology Research Organization for Regional Alliances (development of low temperature storage system that utilizes seawater slurry ice, 2006–2007).

[Other sites]
Kochi, Miyagi and Tokyo business office

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Precision Machinery Division of Kawasaki Heavy Industries; NEC Facilities.

[Exhibition History/Information]
Seafood Show Tokyo/Osaka 2014 (planned).

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